That is the topic of conversation from coast to coast. My sister who lives in Seattle was fortunate to arrive on Monday. That was the day she was supposed to arrive. I had been hearing so many reports saying, "Seattle airport is cancelled flights.............." but she arrived.
My parents drove down from Connecticut. They left the snow. Everyone is congregating in Philly at my other sister's house- no snow there.

In central PA- we have ice.

I wish we had snow. It is a lot nicer than ice.

I went to Philly yesterday to see everyone, but I am back home now waiting for my Christmas presents to arrive. I think they will even be on time. I am waiting for puppies and we are getting very close.

Helen  – (December 24, 2008 at 5:49:00 PM PST)  

Wow, you really do have ice! Its now rain here in Mass. Glad you got to see the family. Hope your Christmas presents arrive on time and healthy!

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