New CD!- Acadia's Catch Me If You Can, *CD*, RAE, OAJ, CGC

Lucy finished the obedience title, CD,adding it to her growing list of accomplishments. Lucy is the daughter of Ch. Heart Lake Acadia Le Roi de Coeur (Charlie) x Ch. Acadia Peace of Mind (Dove). It takes 3 legs to earn the title. I have written about the requirements and process of this, and other obedience titles in earlier posts. Click on the label "obedience" to find out more. Lucky placed 1st for her 1st leg and 2nd for the 2nd leg- but this last leg she didn't get a placement. There were 28 dogs competing for this title. Lucy and her owner, LeaAnne, are such a great team!


What a Summer!! So Much To be Thankful For...



GCh. Acadia Stage Presence is both a Specialty winner AND an All-breed Best In Show Winner!!! When the judge said, "the Best In Show is the sheltie..." I got tunnel vision and only saw the Judge and the ribbon. It took me a moment to see the big picture again and see the other people saying Congratulations. What a Rush it was.


This Girl is On Fire!!

GCh. Acadia Stage Presence, Liza, has been on fire this year!! She has won the Herding Group 9 times, won Reserve Best In Show once, and this past weekend, she won back-to-back specialty shows. Specialty shows are breed-specific shows, so in our case, only shelties can enter. Clubs usually get Breeder/judges to judge specialty shows, since breeders have a better understanding of the nuiances of the breed. YEARS ago I had made it a goal to breed dogs that could win Best of Breed at specialties, and Best in Show at all breeds- I am ALMOST there!!! I do think that Liza is everything I have every dreamed.


Acadia's Crown Prince


Acadia's Crown Prince, "Luke", wins a 5 pt. specialty major

Acadia's Crown Prince, aka Luke, was Winner's Dog/Best of Winners for 5 points yesterday at the Interstate Shetland Sheepdog Club under long-time breeder/judge Barbara Kenealy. I have always admired Mrs. Kenealy and her dogs, so to win under her is an honor. I just love this dog. I love his parallel head planes and his finish of underjaw. I love his natural ears and his sweet, sweet eye. I also love his temperment. He is such a sweet-heart. Luke is sired by GCh. Acadia Prince of Peace (Manny) out of Ch. Acadia's Crowning Glory (Glory).


Back-to-Back Herding Group 1st Placements for GCh. Acadia Stage Presence


Herding Group 1 for Acadia Stage Presence- from the Bred- By Exhibitor class

THANK YOU judge Denise Dean for awarding Liza Best of Breed over specials and then a Herding Group 1st!!!  The feeling was AMAZING!!  Liza is such a dream to show.  Ms. Dean said, "she gave me goosebumps"  Tha is just SO exciting.  I could be any more proud of Liza.


Herding Group 3 for Acadia Stage Presence- from the Bred-by-Exhibitor Class

Thank you to judge Nancy Bodine for first awarding Liza Best of Breed over many champions and then awarding her a Herding Group 3!    That was the 2nd time Liza placed in the herding group- and she is not even a "special" yet.


New *CH* Acadia Stage Presence

Liza completed her championship in short order.  She has been more fun to show than I could imagine- stay-tuned to see what Great Winning Liza has in store!


New Rally Advanced Excellent Title for Acadia's Catch Me If You Can *RAE*


Best Bred-By-Exhibitor IN SHOW !!!- Acadia Stage Presence

This past weekend was the kind that keeps you going, and puts a Smile on your face as soon as the memory crosses your mind.
I was showing 3 generations- GCh. Acadia Presence of Mind, shown  as a Special- mother of Acadia Stage Presence- shown in the Bred-by-Exhibitor class- mother of Acadia Theta Chi- shown in the 6-9 puppy class. Chi was the 1st sheltie in the ring and the judge on Saturday said, "oh I just LOVE his face.  Let me just look at his face!"  He won his class and then when Reserve Winners Dog.
Liza was Winners Bitch, and Cassia was Best of Breed.

Sunday was nearly Perfect for Acadia Stage Presence.  She was Winners Bitch, and then awarded Best of Breed over her mother!  She got to compete in the Herding Group where she was awarded Third place.  Because she had been in the Bred-by-Exhibitor class, she got to compete in the special Bred-by-Exhibitor groups.  She won Best Bred-by-Exhibitor In Show!!  That was a HUGE honor!  Picture will be updated when it arrives.


Yard Work Acadia Style


TWO New Grand Champions

Last weekend Manny and Serena were both crowned "Grand" Champions.  Manny is in Alaska and was shown by my friend Peggy Crawford, and Serena was home and shown by me. They are now *GCh* Acadia Prince of Peace and *GCh.* Acadia's Serenity.


New Champion *CH* Acadia Peace of Mind !!

Today Dove was shown at the Laural Highlands Kennel Club in New Castle, PA by Nick Joines.  I had to work, so my friend, Helen Smith,  drove her to the show.  Today was day 1 of 5 days of shows.  I am SO HAPPY that she did it the first day and now she can come back home and sit on the couch!! 

The BIGGEST part of the excitement for me is that this now completes 7 CONSECUTIVE GENERATIONS of Champion GIRLS.... and counting!   Dove is the mother of GCh. Acadia Presence of Mind, Ch. Acadia Prince of Peace, Ch. Acadia Peaceful Garden.


May 17 Manny enjoying the SNOW !!

Yes, you read that right!  It snowed a FEW inches!! on May 17th.   Manny is doing really well and having a wonderful time with Peggy Crawford in Alaska.


HUGE NEWS!!!!!! *NEW HERDING CHAMPION** Acadia Whatever It Takes, HXAsd, AX, AXJ

Sunday WIT placed 2nd (score of 96) in a large Excellent Level class to win the FINAL 3 POINTS!!! of the HERDING CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!

He really did this title with Style!  WIT was High in Trial on Sheep at the ASSA National in Tucson (2010) from the Excellent Level, and Reserve High in Trial on Ducks at that same National, also from the Excellent level.   He won a major and a 1st place by beating many top border collies.  He completed the title with a final major.  

WIT is an amazing herding dog- and anyone who saw him work knew it, but the title make it "offical".  I couldn't be any prouder of WIT, Morene Brown, and Sue Bradley for all they did to accomplish this goal. 

WIT is 9 years old and is the FIRST Acadia bred herding champion!!!!


New *RE* Acadia's Catch Me If You Can, *Rally Excellent*

Acadia's Catch Me If You Can *RE* This past weekend NO ONE could catch Lucy.  At the Potomac Valley Shetland Sheepdog club, she was high combined in A and B- and when you are competing against other Shelties- you know the competition was tough!!!  Lucy and LeaAnne completed the Rally Excellent title with 3 1st place wins.  Way to Go Girls!!!!


A beautiful sunny day- so we went outside for the 1st time

Well "warm" is a relative term, and although it was "warmer" than it has been, the puppies huddled together- so we didn't stay out too long.  Just enough for them to feel the sun,  get a breath of fresh air, meet a friendly person, and for me to take a few pictures.


Yes, we did have puppies-

 Yes, Faith had her puppies on 3/31/2013.  I can't believe how time flies.  There eyes are open and they are now starting on puppy food.  I always get a kick out of watching puppies eat their first meal.  They get it all over themselves and make such a mess- but mom loves to help clean them up.

We now know for certain that Manny IS tri-factored because there are 2 tricolor puppies in the litter.   There are 2 tri boys, 3 sable boys, and 2 sable girls.   I would LOVE to have one of these tri boys turn out to be show quality as I would love to have a tri Manny son.

Speaking of Manny, he is having some fun in Alaska.  I will write about his adventures next.


We are waiting for puppies

We are waiting for puppies from Manny x Faith.  Soon.  Very, soon. 


Manny is visiting Alaska for the summer

Manny (Ch. Acadia Prince of Peace) is visiting my friends Peggy and Robert Crawford  in Alaska for the summer.  Peggy had leased Belle from me a number of years ago and has a a number of really lovely descendants of hers.  I am really thrilled that Peggy was interested in having Manny for the summer.

Last weekend, Peggy showed Manny.  He won Best of Breed, beating 3 other champions, and then the won a 4th in the Herding Group.  Good Start with Peggy.  I hope that he continues to do well with her.  I am also hopeful that while he is there, some people breed to him. 


Happy 15th Birthday Molly, Valerie, and Candy

Their birthday was yesterday- Valentine's Day- which I reflected in their names- Valerie- whose registered name is Acadia Sweet Emotion, and Molly, who is Acadia Color of Passion.   Both of these girls live in Sunny Calf. with my good friend, Pam.   Pam sent me an email saying that they girls were enjoying the day and soaking up the sun.

I am so happy that these girls are still doing well and enjoying life.   Those two have always been very special to me. 

Their sister, Acadia Zion Candy Kisses, went back east as a young puppy and has lived in my home state of Connecticut her whole life.  15 years ago, when Candy was a puppy, she had a young girl named Megan to love and play with her.  Now, all these years later, Megan has grown up and moved away from home.  To me, that is the sad part of kids getting dogs- I just know that eventually they will break the dog's heart as they move on in life.  Candy is also doing well, and still gets up and runs around occassionally, but mostly spends her time napping. 

Happy Birthday Girls!


AMAZING!!! Show Low completes the UD at age 12 !!

U-Ch. Linden Acadia Stacked Deck, HXAd, HIAs, HSBd,*UD* turned 12 years old this month.  Penny called to say that a few weeks ago he completed the coveted Utility Degree in obedience.  Utility is sometimes called the "futility" class because it is very difficult and demanding.  It begins with the dog following hand signals (no verbal).  The dog then has to preform a series of exercises at a distance from the handler, and not leaving the spot in which it was placed.  This class involves jumping, scent work, and retrieving.  It seems there is always some place for a dog to make a mistake.

Show Low had gotten the first 2 legs a while ago, but then he hit a dry spell where he would make a different mistake every time.  Penny knew that he knew all of the exercises.  She decided to enter him "one more time" to support her local club- and it PAID OFF!!! Show Low finally put it all together again to earn the final leg and attain the UD title.

(Show Low pictured at 11 wks of age)


Bringing Home a Puppy

Getting a new puppy is exciting. Dogs are such a great part of a family and puppies represent so much promise of the things to come, but they also have a lot of needs. I remember bringing my first puppy home. I had waited so long and I was SOO excited. I had cut a cardboard box and put a pillow in it for the puppy to sleep in. I am not going to recommend that today :-) but I am going to make some recommendations that can make bringing a puppy home go smoothly.

The more prepared you are when the puppy arrives in your house, the better. Lots of people remember the puppy will need to eat. The most commonly asked question is, “what are you feeding the puppy”. We are currently feeding our puppies Iams Puppy Food. Not only do I like the puppy food, I like the fact that new puppy owners can usually buy it in the local grocery store. It is a good idea to pick up a bag prior to coming to pick up the puppy. While at the store, some people think to pick up a collar.

In the store, the “small” collars may seem small enough, but for an 8 week old sheltie, a 3/8” wide, 6-10” long adjustable collar is about right. Experience has shown me that it is very difficult for new owners to have a concept for how small their puppy is going to be when they first pick it up from the breeder, so I send the puppy home with its first collar. I usually have leashes available for purchase. Shelties are not a breed that pulls on the leash and they don’t require a big heavy leash. I sell a ¼” thick, 6 ‘ long leather leash. I like these leashes because the snap that is small enough to fit on the ring of the little collars I send home with the puppies, the snaps are not really heavy, and puppies have an easier time with the leash training if they are not being pulled down by a lot of weight.

I also send each puppy home with a new toy. It smells like home, and gives them something to cuddle (and bite!). I do recommend that new owners have additional toys available for the puppy when they get home. I think it is a good idea to have a few interactive toys, such as tug toys, squeaker toys, and balls. This will encourage you to play with your puppy. The interaction will help the two of you bond. The more you do with the puppy, the more the puppy will learn its new family interacts. Your puppy will be learning constantly, so teach it about you. If the puppy just wants to spend some time chewing, then something as simple as a carrot will provide them with something to sink their teeth into, and also be edible and digestible.

Puppies should sleep in a crate until they are house trained. What type of crate you get is up to you. We have both wire crates, and molded plastic crates and some dogs do prefer one over the other. Since your puppy will not have a choice, get the one that appeals the most to you. If you get a wire crate, drape a blanket over it to make it dark and more “cave” like. This will help settle the puppy and help them to sleep without distraction. Occasionally they can get over stimulated in a wire crate where they can still see all of the things going on around them. You want the puppy to settle down so that if it does fuss, then you can give it the benefit of the doubt and take it out to see if it needs to potty.

Baby gates are also a wonderful tool to help house train a puppy. By keeping the puppy in the same room you are in, you are more likely to see if it is having an accident. This will enable you to respond and to get the puppy outside where you can say, “go potty”, or some other “potty” command. By staying in the same room, the puppy will not be able to sneak off and find a different room to use as a potty. It that important to insure they do not develop the habit of going into a different room to go potty where you might not see it for a few days. That can be a very difficult habit to break once it has started. Now that you have gotten all of the items you will need for the puppy, you have one more thing to do before you pick up the puppy; schedule a Vet appointment.

As soon as you have scheduled the day you are going to pick your puppy up from the breeder, call your Veterinarian to make an appointment for the day or two after your puppy comes home. Even if your new puppy has been “Vet checked” prior to you picking it up, it is important that YOUR Vet examine your new puppy. My contract states that you must have your puppy examined within the first week. The puppy will not be in need of a vaccination at that visit, but a stool sample should be taken to the appointment. Your vet will ensure that your puppy is healthy (or not !) and guide you on its care.

Your checklist:

__ call your Vet to make an appointment for a day or two after you bring the new puppy home.

__ 2 bowls-

__ water

__ food

__ 5 lb. bag of Iams Puppy food (yellow bag w/ the beagle)

__¼” thick, 6’ long, leash (I usually have these for sale for $15)

__ 3/8” thick, 6-10” long adjustable, collar (included with puppy from me)

__ crate

__ crate pad

__ chew toys

__ 2 baby gates


Happy New Year 2013

Happy and Blessed New Year to all !  Our "first night" started with friends and puppies.  I have to giggle every time I think about the requests we make of our family and friends.  It sure is a good thing we have the BEST of both!   It seems to me that for the last couple of years we have had "holiday" puppies and I have been making some pretty big requests.  I have delivered puppies at my sister's house on Christmas Eve (a few years ago), brought puppies to my mother-in-law's house while we help sell Christmas trees, waited for puppies on Thanksgiving, and last night I called my friends and asked if I could bring our puppies to the New Year's Party.    The funniest part was that they expected the puppies to just be running loose in their house- and they STILL said YES!  How funny is that!  Even I would not have said yes, to that request.  Well, I bring puppies to enough different places to know how to pack for them.  I pack a tarp to put down 1st, then newspaper, then surround it with a portable x-pen, and the puppies are safe, and have a place to potty.  They travel in a crate. 
The hosts of this party have 3 dogs of their own, plus parrots.  When we arrived the birds were making a ton of noise. I thought, oh this is great!  My puppies never would have heard parrots.   When I first got them out of the crate, they all huddled together on the crate pad- but they acclimated quickly.  The next time they all huddled together was at mid-night when everyone was using their "noise makers".  Again, it was a short-term stress from which they recovered.
I was so happy that they got to travel, go to a new place, meet a ton of people, hear new things, and start the year off with a bunch of dog loving people.