Liza's puppies are 3.5 weeks old


Trying something New- "litter training"

I have never done this before, but a friend said she did with just one litter of puppies, and it worked with them.   I have put out a tray of pellets for the puppies to potty on.  It is not working yet, but their feet are small and I can tell it is a little tough for them to walk on these pellets.   I have been putting them directly on it when they wake up so they pee there.  It has been hit or miss.  Some of them walk off the tray and then pee.  I will continue working on this and hope that they eventually get it.  I think it could really be a nice way to begin the process of teaching them "where" to go potty. 


Christmas Trees and puppies- what could be better?

This past weekend Cassia and I were entered in the Eukanuba show in Florida. This is the first Christmas Mike's mom is selling the Christmas Trees alone.  She anticipated that this weekend would be busy, so we decided to go help sell Christmas Trees instead.  Maybe next year I will get to Eukanuba.

It was a great weekend for the puppies.  We took Liza and her babies with us and they got to meet Mike's family, and many Tree customers.  On Friday they were just starting to get up on their legs, and by Sunday they were wobbling around.    
When we got home I moved them into a larger pen with a toy.


Linda and Xena are Back and Running!!!

Linda Hall and Xena were going at a back breaking pace....  and it turned out, that statement was almost the truth.  She had gotten Xena spring 2010 and I was beginning to think that they were going to MACH by 2 years of age (keep in mind you can't start trialing until 15 months of age).  But then,  in January 2011 Linda needed back surgery. 


Linda had a long recovery- but finally, she is BACK!  I am so glad that she has recovered and I sincerely hope that she feels like a new person!  This weekend she went to a NADAC agility trial and Xena qualified 5 out of 6 runs and placed 1st 4 times and second 1st.


Acadia Catch Me If You Can, RN- 16 months and starting agility

Lucy had a great start to agility.  Dogs must be 15 months before they are allowed to enter an AKC trial.  Lucy is 16 months old and her owner, LeaAnne decided just to enter her in Jumpers With Weaves for her start.  LeaAnne reports that Lucy's weaves are "amazing".   She even pulled off a 3rd place !   Way to go Lucy and LeaAnne.


Liza's first litter

Acadia Stage Presence, "Liza" had a litter of 6 a few days after Thanksgiving.  Mike and I hosted Thanksgiving at our house.   My mom came down from Connecticut and she stayed in our only guest room.  My sister, her husband, 3 kids and 2 dogs came from Philadelphia.  Cadence and the dogs stayed at our house, but the rest of the family stayed in a local hotel.  Mike's mom, sister and her son came from Washington, PA.  They also stayed at the hotel.  My niece, Cadence, who is 9, stayed at our house "just in case" Liza had her puppies.  Unfortunately Liza didn't deliver until after everyone had gone home.  She had 4 boys and 2 girls.  She was bred to Can. Ch. Grandgables Travon Track Star, "Travis".

Can. Ch. Grandgables Travon Track Star