NEW MACH! *MACH* Acadia's Perpetual Motion, MX, MXS, MXJ, MJS, XF, T2B, RA

Janet writes, We had an awesome weekend at the Cocker Spaniel Agility trials this weekend. On Friday, Robbie qualified ALL 5 RUNS (Master Standard, Master Jumpers, Premier Standard, Premier Jumpers, and T2B), earning the final QQ for his MACH!!! He went on to QQ again both Saturday and Sunday - he’s never before QQ’ed more than once in a weekend! In all, he Qualified 9 of 14 runs, and those he didn’t Q were still very respectable runs!"

Maybe he QQ'ed (which means he had Qualified in Standard and he Qualified in Jumpers and Weaves- so he Q'ed in 2 classes in the same day, or double Q'ed) on Friday- and then was so rewarded by Janet's positive response that he decided to do it again.  Or maybe Janet was more relaxed the next two days because the MACH was finally achieved.  It is hard to say, but I know that for me personally, once I have accomplished something I had been striving to do, it seems to come so much easier and I wonder why I had been working so hard.    Congratulations Janet and Robbie.  I am so proud of both of you.