NATCH, V-NATCH Acadia Paint The Town 8/5/2000- 4/30/2011

Today I learned of the passing of Hannah- NATCH, V-NATCH Acadia Paint The Town. Hannah was the daughter of Ch. Acadia Rock Solid, HT and Ch. Zion Acadia Town Heroine, CDX, PT, VCX. She is the sister of Ch. Acadia Another Story, UD, PT, NA, VCX.

Hannah was owned by Sharon Bradshaw and according to Sharon, Hannah was her "heart dog". Sharon didn't get Hannah from me, but rather from a women that I had sold Hannah to for agility. I was quite surprised when I got a phone call about the exchange, but I was so relieved at the efforts of Sharon to contact with me and get everything sorted out.

Hannah loved agility, but she made Sharon really work for the NADAC agility championship (NATCH). She achieved this in 2009 and then achieved the Versatility agility championship (V-NATCH) one week later. Sharon accomplished so much with Hannah and I am very proud of both of them.

Sharon, my heart goes out to you. I am very sorry for your loss.


5 consecutive generations

The text is tough to read here on the blog. Saturday these will be on

Liza and Serena are the 6th consecutive generation of Acadia. Carrie is Anna's mother, who is Genna's mother, who is Dove's mother, who is the mother of both Cassia and Manny. Cassia is Liza's mother. Carrie's mother is a champion- and up to Genna we have 4 consecutive generations of Champion bitches. I am fairly certain that both Cassia and Liza will finish quickly- I need to work on Dove. She has 5 points, but she is not one to "ask for the win"- so she usually goes "reserve". If I can get that done, it would be 7 consecutive generations of Champion bitches- that is VERY impressive in shelties- so it is a good goal.


Acadia Prince of Peace places 2nd in the Open Sable & White Class- 2011 ASSA National

20 competed in the Open Sable & White (dog) class at the ASSA National. Manny was shown by Terry Jennings and he placed 2nd in this class. The dog that won the class was WD, so Manny got to go back into the ring to compete for Reserve WD. This placement was quite a thrill. Manny has both majors. I look forward to him finishing soon.


Acadia's Peaceful Garden at the 2011 ASSA National

Therese Walters showed Eden for me. I got to take pictures. Sue Healy, a judge and fellow sheltie breeder, approached me while Eden was in the ring and wanted to know if I would consider selling her. I thought that was a very nice compliment. Eden is now in Arizona with Sue.


Celebrating a Century: Over-view of the ASSA National

The 2011 ASSA National was in St. Louis, MO. These are pictures of the the entrance to the Purina Center,the head table, the ring, the grooming area, and my grooming area.


Acadia's Crown Prince "Luke"

Luke is pretty even when he is doing nothing. He is sired by Ch. Acadia Prince of Peace x Ch. Acadia's Crowning Glory


A fast trip to Chicago

This past Saturday I was in Chicago judging sweepstakes. I had a nice entry of 21 puppies. It was fun to go to another part of the country and see some of the dogs I will be seeing at the National. It gave me an opportunity to look at some of the competition.

I stayed with Merrylee and Chet- Nicky's owners. I got in late on Friday and left early on Sunday- not nearly enough time to socialize, but I did get to see a few important (to me) people. Ellen brought Leo to the show for me to see. Leo is Cassia's son and Liza's brother. I was surprised by how much he looks like Cassia. These puppies are 8 months old. It was really nice to see them both.

Penny was there competing in Utility with ShowLow. I was getting so excited because he was qualifing in each exercize- until the VERY LAST ONE!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't belive it!! ALMOST! Penny is a great trainer, I am sure they will accomplish this task- but he is getting older, so the pressure is on.

Merrylee had leased Josie for a litter. She bred Josie to Nicky. I brought her and her daughter home with me. I think I will write about my travel in another post. Traveling with a puppy is a lot of fun- and much more interesting than traveling alone. These pictures are of the puppy, Tiki.


Acadia Prince of Peace wins his second major

Manny is doing quite well. He is currently being shown by Terry Jennings and I was not there to see either win. I am feeling some withdrawl- I want to be at the shows too. I want to be showing Cassia. The National is coming up the week after next- I am really looking forward to it.


My puppy buyers are the BEST!!

This weekend most of the puppies from the Rincon x Allie litter are going to new homes. I have said it before, but it is still true, the people who buy my puppies are the BEST!!! Today Mike and I spent all day with puppy buyers. I love those interactions. Thank you!

When ever people ask if selling the puppies makes me sad, I always reply no- I love to add joy to peoples' families. My life is enriched by meeting such great people through my dogs- and I know that the dogs enrich their lives as well.