Acadia Sweet Emotion, OAJ, NA, PT


Rory mets the Easter Bunny

Rory (Acadia Catcher In The Rye, CDX) had a very lucky experience- he got to meet the Easter Bunny. For those of you that thought the Easter Bunny was a white bunny, you were wrong. The Easter Bunny's name is Cadberry (what else would it be?) and it is still unclear what Rory asked for when he spoke with Cadberry.


New Champion! Sunburst Bright Lights

Brianne won her last point to finish at the Sacramento Kennel Club on April 15.
Ch. Payson and Ch. Carrie say - Way to Go!!!


Sunburst Bright Lights hits the jackpot in Las Vegas

"Brianne" wins Winners Bitch all 4 days at in Las Vegas, NV. This brings her point total to 14pts- both majors leaving her needing only 1 point to finish her championship!!!!!!!!!!!
As if this wasn't exciting enough- Judge James White awarded her Best of Breed over a top ranked special who has had mulitple Group 1 wins. That is the best complement a judge can give! Thank you Mr. White!!!!
Brianne is owned/loved/co-bred and shown by Sharon Crawford of Sunburst Shelties in Arizona. She is sired by Ch. Acadia's Bright Idea, NA, NAJ, RA out of Ch. Sunburst Acadia Here I Come.


MACH3 Acadia Color of Passion, HS

The first week of April was the American Shetland Sheepdog Association National. This year it was held in Albany, OR and I went out for the week and roomed with Pam Fugitt-Hetrick and Molly. On Sunday Pam and Molly competed in the herding trial. Molly was entered on both ducks and sheep. She did a GREAT job. Unfortunately for her, she had an "attack duck" as one of the 5 ducks she was attempting to navigate around the course. This duck had already attacked another sheltie by pecking it on the nose. When it came for Molly, Molly said, "No- you will go where I tell you to go". The judge said, "Warning" to Pam and when that same duck came back around for Molly the second time, Pam decided not to risk injury to the duck. The sheep were much better behaved!

On Monday Molly and Pam earned their first leg in Novice B toward the CD obedience title and I got to take Molly in for her first leg in Rally Novice. Molly and I got a score of 97 out of a possible 100! Pam was impressed that Molly worked so well for me- considering I have never trained her or worked with her before.

Tuesday Molly qualified in agility (what's new) and on Wednesday she participated in the "sheltie Olympics" and won the cookie toss contest. It was a fun and busy week. Pam took a cute picture of me and Molly at the National- Thanks for a great week Pam!


Happy 13th Birthday Tucket and Jamie

Today is Ch. Zion Acadia Town Heroine, CDX, PT, VCX (Tucket) and Ch. Zion's Man About Town, NA, HT, VC, ROM, 5CC (Jamie)'s 13th Birthday! Tucket is sleeping outside in the flowerbed wishing the weather was a bit warmer. She is doing well and we are thankful to still have her.

Today is also MacDuff, Sara, Rumor and Candy's 1st Birthday. Happy Birthday to you guys as well. They are Tucket's grandpuppies out of Acadia Sweet Emotion, OAJ, NA, PT (Valerie). Soon I will be posting pictures of Valerie that was taken during the National week.