The Lovely Dove- the matriarch

While she might not have been the one to win all of those trophies, she is responsible for all who did.


Home improvements for people with dogs

Growing up I remember people complaining about dogs ruining the windowsills. The nails, the dirt- etc. Well, our dogs were ruining our windowsills too- soooo... yesterday Mike covered the wood in Copper. Today it looks shiny and pretty, later it will be- what do we call it? Patina. I hope it looks really cool in the long run.


Acadia's Resolution- aka- Phoebe

Meet Phoebe.  She is such a beautiful and sweet girl and I feel very lucky to have her as part of our family.  She is currently being shown by my friend, Jan Williams, and has begun her quest for the championship. 


The un-glamour of breeding/showing dogs

Image may contain: one or more people, sky, tree, outdoor and natureShowing is the glamorous part of breeding dogs.  Breeding and raising puppies is the fun part of breeding dogs, but cleaning is the necessary "un-glamours" part that most people don't want to help with.  It is hard to find good help when it comes to cleaning and scooping poop.   Today (the Sunday in a long holiday weekend) Emily and I spent 7 hours cleaning crates and bathing dogs.  I was so happy to get it all done in one day, and it was a two person job to accomplish the task.  I am so thankful for Emily's help with the Un-glamour.


Acadia's Executive Director wins Best In Sweeps at the Evergreen Shetland Sheepdog Club

Acadia's Executive Director  "Ladin" is one of the 3 puppies I kept from the Aiden x Joy litter.  I am so happy with these puppies.  I had entered both Ladin and his brother Emmett in the 6-9 month class- and of course I can't show 2 puppies in the same class, so I asked Alex to show Ladin as he was better behaved.  They did great together.  I am really excited about Aiden's puppies.


New Rally Novice *RN* for Ch. Acadia Independence Day, *RN*

Congratulations to Anita and Mason on their new title! They completed the title with two 1st places and a 4th place.  Now on to Intermediate!  Good Luck Anita and Mason, we are routing for you and many more successes!


Ch.Mason and Anita earn another 1st place in Rally

1st RN leg- Ch. Mason and Anita- 1st place

2nd RN leg- Ch. Mason and Anita- 1st place

Congratulations to Anita and Ch. Mason for 2 legs towards the Rally Novice title, and 2 1st places!  I feel so fortunate to have great people like Anita become the forever home for an adult.  Mason knows how lucky he is that Anita found us.


Acadia's Stage Director wins his first points

Liza's son Aidan has begun his quest to become a Champion.  
He is the father of Joy's puppies and he has another litter on the way.  I am very excited about this boy.


Yard Solutions for Muddy Dogs- my current solution

Since we moved- we have had to start from scratch when it comes to keeping the dogs (and our House!) clean.
To avoid this:
We have done some work.  1st decided where, and how much space we were going to allocate to the "dog yard".  In nice weather (and after the grass has grown back) they will be allowed to play in the entire area when we are home.  When the weather is not so nice, we wanted an area they would stay clean.  
We excavated 8", put down geotextile fabric, and put 8" (deep) of 2" (approx. diameter) stone for good drainage.
2" diameter stone base
Next we but down stable grid - a plastic interlocking system-
Stable grid showing the cells. Water drains, but stone stays in place
The grids interlock easily.
gravel base seen on the right.  Stable grid in the middle.  Pea gravel fill on left.

 Finally we filled that with pea gravel  The stable grid has open bottoms for drainage, but the plastic cells keep the gravel from migrating around the yard.  The non-porous materials keep the smells down.
Good drainage, no migrating stone, NO MUD!! 
Stones being put on top of stable grid

Done!  The plastic is a product call Kennel Deck and it is just something extra for them to stand on
The dogs have a shelter for bad weather, and a safe and clean yard.  Yes, they still come in the house.  One co-work asked me, "do your dogs know how spoiled they are?"  Of course not.  This is really for me and Mike so we don't have to mop our floors daily!  -- but the dogs love it too!


Puppies are 5 weeks

2 minutes of cuteness.  The box for the toy is just as desirable as the toy itself.


New Year and New Successes! New *CDX* for Acadia Teagan Rose, CDX, NF

New *CDX*
Congratulations Amy and Acadia Teagan Rose, *CDX*, NF.  Amy and Teagan earned a score of 193.5 and a 1st Place to complete the title.   Amy has had many successes in the obedience ring, and Teagan's new title is just her most recent.  Congratulations to Amy and Teagan!

Acadia Teagan Rose, CDX, NF


Happy New Year!!! Welcome 2018