Manny's version of the "dog days" of summer

Manny says all a dog needs during the "dog days of summer" is a fan and a chew toy.


New *UD* Acadia Aquilegia, *UD*, MX, MXJ, RE

I just found out about this TODAY- but Amy and Quill completed the UD title on JUNE 26!!!!
Amy reports that his scores were 192 1/2, 198 1/2, and 187 1/2. Amy is such an inspiration- she is 88 years old, and still trains, competes and loves her dogs and life!

In that same email, Amy reported that on July 13th Quill took 4th place in the 12" Jumpers class (agility). 18 competed and 7 Q'd. Quill's time was 34.88 sec. and standard course time (STC) was 46 sec, 149 yards. I am so amazed by this team.


The Dog Days of Summer

It officially hit 102 degrees today.

Webster defines "dog day" as...

1. the period between early July and early September when the hot sultry weather of summer usually occurs in the northern hemisphere

2. a period of stagnation or inactivity.

It sure has been hot sultry weather, and the air patterns are in a period of stagnation. I know it gets like this every year, but this year I am tired of it. I am proud of the dogs. They are doing well. Dove is expecting, and I can't imagine being pregnant in this weather, but she has not been cranky. Mostly everyone lays low during the day and is playful in the mornings and evenings. I am looking forward to a good rain storm!


Acadia Serenity wins Best of Breed from the 9-12 month puppy class

Today Serena beat Merry for Winners Bitch. Merry just needs 1 point, but it didn't happen today. Today was Serena's day and Merry went reserve to her. It is really hot! NOAA offical temp was 100 degrees air temp. Serena was showing her heart out- so- she looked great. I had Cassia entered as a Champion, but she is in season and is just not acting herself- so- again, it was just Serena's day. She beat 1 champion and 1 almost champion- Not bad for my little girl!!

(this is a picture of her at the National. Today's shows were outdoors- in the Heat!!)


New *Ch* Acadia Prince of Peace

This weekend was HUGE!!!!
On Saturday Manny was winners dog for a 4th major to finish. That same day, at the same show, Merry was Winners Bitch and Best of Winners for a major as well. This brought her within 1 point of finishing.
Today, Acadia Cierra Like A Rock, AXJ, NA, NF, RN, HT, *VC* (Nicky), won his first major. He now has 12 points and just needs 1 more major to finish his championship. Nicky's win is HUGE! He needed a major to achieve the ASSA (American Shetland Sheepdog Association) Versatility Certificate (VC) - DONE! When he wins the next major, he will not only be a Ch., but he will be a Champion/ Versatility Certificate Excellent (or Ch/VCX). His mother, Ch. Sunburst Acadia Here I Come (Carrie), currently has 4 champion offspring. 5 champion offspring will give her the ASSA Register of Merit (ROM) award. Both the Ch/VCX and the ROM are considered Lifetime Achievement Awards with the ASSA. If all of the entered dogs show up at the show next weekend, it will be majors on Saturday and Sunday. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Nicky can win one of those two days to finish!


New Champion: *Ch* Acadia Presence of Mind

Cassia won a major today (her third major) to finish her championship. She needed 3 single points to finish and a major is worth between 3-5 points (depending on the size of the entry). Today's major was worth 3 points so she completed the title. She was shown exclusively in the Bred-by-Exhibitor class, and that will earn her an invitation to show at the Eukanuba show this coming January in Florida!!!


Merry is on a Roll!!!

This weekend Acadia Sunburst Merry and Bright (Merry) started off with a bang by winning a major! It is always a relief to win majors. The second day was not a major entry, but she not only went Winners Bitch, she was also BEST OF BREED over one of the countries Top Specials! WOOO HOOO MERRY!! She is now up to 11 points with 1 major. She needs 1 more major and 1 single point (a total of 4 more points) to finish the championship.