New *CDX* Acadia's Catch Me If You Can, *CDX*, RAE, OAJ, OF, T2B,

Good Job Ladies!
I think this picture is cute.  The English Cocker Spaniel, Boomer, didn't win the toy, Lucy the sheltie did- but sporting dogs just gotta have something in their mouths.  Since Boomer also qualified in his Rally class,  Lucy let him carry  it around.

LeaAnne said she has waited a long time for this title- it just took her too long to get a sheltie ;-)


New *PACH* Acadia's One Very Special Puppy, MXP, MXJP

"Piper" and Heidi earned the needed 750 points and 20 double Qualifying scores in Master Preferred Standard and Master Preferred Jumpers with Weaves to complete the Perferred Agility Championship (PACH).  All championships are hard work and take dedication.  I am so  proud of this team.  Congratulations Piper and Heidi.
Piper is the litter sister to "Dove"- Ch. Acadia Peace of Mind


Liza joins the Century Club

This is an American Shetland Sheepdog Association designation for shelties that have won 100 Best of Breeds.  It is considered a Lifetime Achievement and is awarded a special silver pin and the right to put CC following the name.