4 of the 7 generations of Champion girls

Don Moore brought Ch. Genna over for a visit.  She will be 12 in August.  We took pictures of the 4 generations -
Left to right is youngest to oldest:
GCh. Acadia Stage Presence- "Liza"
            GCh. Acadia Presence of Mind- "Cassia"- mother of Liza
                        Ch. Acadia Peace of Mind- "Dove"-   mother of Cassia
                                   Ch. Acadia It's My Treat- "Genna"   - mother of Dove

It was so exciting to see the girls together.  Genna looks great and it made for a nice afternoon.  In my head I had this "advertisement quality' picture- but 4 dogs at the same time proved to be too difficult for me and Mike to photograph exactly as I had envisioned.  I wish that I had an "assistant" to call who could have  helped me get them "show groomed" and then pay attention to details.  For example, in my favorite picture from the afternoon, my blouse had gaped open-  how come no one noticed?  Although the girls are not all "fluffed up", I don't have make-up on, and the sun was too bright- I LOVE this picture.  I LOVE the girls.


Happy 93rd Birthday Amy!!! You are MORE than an inspiration!

I am So Proud of Amy Brastad and Acadia Essence of Joy, CDX, AXJ, NA, RE.  This video (from ABBA dogs) is her winning run in Excellent Jumpers with Weaves.   Amy turned 93 this month.  She is such an inspiration and I am so proud to claim her as part of the family.