Happy 15th Birthday Molly, Valerie, and Candy

Their birthday was yesterday- Valentine's Day- which I reflected in their names- Valerie- whose registered name is Acadia Sweet Emotion, and Molly, who is Acadia Color of Passion.   Both of these girls live in Sunny Calf. with my good friend, Pam.   Pam sent me an email saying that they girls were enjoying the day and soaking up the sun.

I am so happy that these girls are still doing well and enjoying life.   Those two have always been very special to me. 

Their sister, Acadia Zion Candy Kisses, went back east as a young puppy and has lived in my home state of Connecticut her whole life.  15 years ago, when Candy was a puppy, she had a young girl named Megan to love and play with her.  Now, all these years later, Megan has grown up and moved away from home.  To me, that is the sad part of kids getting dogs- I just know that eventually they will break the dog's heart as they move on in life.  Candy is also doing well, and still gets up and runs around occassionally, but mostly spends her time napping. 

Happy Birthday Girls!


AMAZING!!! Show Low completes the UD at age 12 !!

U-Ch. Linden Acadia Stacked Deck, HXAd, HIAs, HSBd,*UD* turned 12 years old this month.  Penny called to say that a few weeks ago he completed the coveted Utility Degree in obedience.  Utility is sometimes called the "futility" class because it is very difficult and demanding.  It begins with the dog following hand signals (no verbal).  The dog then has to preform a series of exercises at a distance from the handler, and not leaving the spot in which it was placed.  This class involves jumping, scent work, and retrieving.  It seems there is always some place for a dog to make a mistake.

Show Low had gotten the first 2 legs a while ago, but then he hit a dry spell where he would make a different mistake every time.  Penny knew that he knew all of the exercises.  She decided to enter him "one more time" to support her local club- and it PAID OFF!!! Show Low finally put it all together again to earn the final leg and attain the UD title.

(Show Low pictured at 11 wks of age)