2011 Year In Review

New Years’ eve. I enjoy this time because it is an opportunity to be thankful . I am thankful for what we have accomplished; I am thankful for the many wonderful people I have met because of the dogs; I am thankful for great owners; I am thankful for the great dogs with which I share my life. Really, I have A LOT to be thankful for, and I am.

In 2011 my work had me travel to NC for 3 consecutive weeks. I am so fortunate that the "dog community" is a nation-wide community and is just so wonderful. I was able to visit with many wonderful breeders and see many wonderful shelties. This trip ended up having a lasting impact on not just me, but my breeding program as well.

I got the opportunity to judge Sweepstakes at a Specialty in Chicago. I was able to stay with my good friends, Merrylee and Chet. I had a really great time visiting with them and getting to see so many really beautiful puppies. Ellen Erickson lives in Illinois too and she brought her Acadia bred puppy for me to see. At this same show I got to see Penny competing with Show Low in Utility. It was a great time!

I was quoted on the online magazine http://www.sheltiesonline.com/ . I found that to be thrilling.
Amy and Quill completed the coveted UD title. I am so inspired by Amy!! I want to be just like her (88 and still showing her dogs!!) I am looking forward to sharing many, many more of Amy’s successes.

Three dogs from the same litter completed their championships this year. Acadia Peace of Mind “Dove” was the proud mother of Ch. Acadia Presence of Mind, Ch. Acadia Prince of Peace, and Ch. Acadia’s Peaceful Garden.

I had a GREAT time showing Ch. Acadia Presence of Mind, “Cassia”. I showed her exclusively in the Bred-by- Exhibitor class. She won two specialty majors and really made me so proud.

Ch. Acadia’s Peaceful Garden was shown by Sue Healy and she won a Herding Group 1.

Ch. Acadia Prince of Peace placed 2nd in a huge open sable class at the ASSA National, and also won a Herding Group 2.

Sharon Bradshaw’s NATCH, V-NATCH Acadia Paint The Town, “Hannah”, passed away this year. Ch. Acadia’s Bright Idea, NA, NAJ, RA and his litter brother Ch. Acadia Rock Solid, HT also passed away this year. They are all deeply, deeply missed.

Linda Hall and Acadia’s Warrior Princess, Xena, took the top award for number of titles earned in one year. The two of them earned 9 titles in 9 months. They had 50 qualifying scores this year and about 5 more titles that are in the works, and could have possibly been completed this year if Linda had not suffered a back injury that has put her in the hospital. Linda will undergo back surgery in January- and I hope that that Xena will be there to help her make a full recovery. Linda- my thoughts and prayers are with you for a full and successful recovery.

The following is a recap of the completed titles for 2011. I am always afraid that I have forgotten someone. If you and your Acadia sheltie have earned a title in 2011 and are not listed, PLEASE let me know. I am really thankful (and Proud) for each success- yours and mine. Titles earned this year are in italics.

Ch. Acadia’s Crowning Glory
Ch. Heart Lake Acadia Le Roi De Coeur
Ch. Acadia Presence of Mind
Ch. Acadia Prince of Peace
Ch. Acadia’s Peaceful Garden
Acadia Infinite Spirit, CGC, PT, ASCA Herding Started
Acadia Aquilegia, UD, MX, MXJ, RE
Acadia’s One Very Special Puppy, MXP, MJP
Acadia Angus Macphangus, CDX
Acadia’s Warrior Princess, (AKC titles) NAJ, OAJ, AXJ, NA, (TDAA titles) Games 1, (USDAA titles) PK1, PJ1, (ASCA titles) JSN, GSN


Acadia's Hidden Treasure "Cache" and his mother, "Faith"

I LOVE raising dogs and knowing the family. I think family is important! I just love this picture of mother and son. Cache (on the left) is one of the Rincon x Faith puppies from 2010. He is the littermate to Finn and Xena.

Faith has amazing pigment. It can be difficult to get truly black blacks. A lot of tricolor shelties have red tone- not Faith. She passed on her great black pigment to her son Cache. She also gave him naturally tipped ears, good bone, all in a moderate (reference to size) package. I couldn't have asked for more.