Happy Easter 2016

This picture is of Show Low, who turned 15 this year.

When Mike and I lived in Arizona we would hide the plastic Easter eggs in the house- some in plain sight and some hidden- but all at ground level.  Mike would put a leash on our Vizsla, Copper, and I would leash up Tucket for our egg hunt.  In the eggs we would have a nice smelly dog treat.  The dogs enjoyed the egg hunt and it allowed me and Mike to continue to enjoy a childish tradition.  Both Copper and Tucket have passed on, and we have not trained any of our current dogs to hunt for eggs. 

This morning when I got up and went downstairs to take care of the dogs, I opened the dog food container, and there was a plastic purple egg.  What a wonderful surprise.  Mike had stayed up to hide eggs after I went to bed.  He said they were all up high- so the dogs didn't get them.   What a wonder start to the day.
Happy Easter.


New *NAJ* Acadia's Direct Energy, *NAJ*

Carol emailed that Derek earned his first title this weekend.  His title run was in 21.4 seconds with a yards per second of 4.67! That's Smokin' !