Favorite Gifts

Maisy, a Manny x Glory puppy
My favorite gift is hearing from the families who have Acadia bred shelties. Every year you guys come through and keep in touch. You are the BEST. Thank you, every one.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Glory is closing in and just needs a major


Today Acadia Infinite Spirit earned his CGC- and Finn herding in June 2010

Acadia Infinite Spirit, aka- Finn , and Kathy earned the CGC (Canine Good Citizen) award today. Congratulations! Finn was born in Februrary 2010. He is one of the "future stars" and I am already enjoying reporting on his and his sister, Xena's successes.

This video is of Finn herding when he was just 4 1/2 months old. To see more videos of Finn herding, and Xena doing agility, visit our site on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/acadiashelties


Powerful Chewer!

Toltec, our Rhodesian Ridgeback, is only 11 months old- and still a puppy. He is a powerful chewer and quickly consumes anything "sheltie sized".

The Buster Cube is a great toy that dispenses treats as the dog rolls it around. The one pictured on the right is "sheltie size". Notice the teeth marks. Toltec can pick this whole cube up- and- as you can see- do serious damage. Today I got him a "Ridgeback" size Buster Cube. He can't pick this one up- perfect! He loves this game. He uses his feet a lot- and this cube is perfect for the "kicker" . I have found that shelties don't like the "cube" shape as they are not "kickers". They like to use their noses to "roll" and the cube is just not that good for "rolling". I have a ball that is the same concept. They prefer that. I didn't get it out as I thought that Toltec would find it too easy.


New *C-ATCH* Champion Acadia Cierra Like A Rock, AXJ, NA, NF, RN, HT

The C-ATCH is the CPE (Canine Preformance Events) Agility Trial championship. Nicky is owned by Merrylee and trained in agility by Arlene. Congratualtions!!!!

Phyllis reported that Rain got her first Qualifying agility score- in NADC Tunnelers.