Acadia's Crowning Glory wins Best of Breed

Today, Glory, was judge Mrs. Patricia Mowbray Morgan's Best of Breed at the Burlington County Kennel Club show. Glory was shown in the Bred-by-Exhibitor class and this club also was offering "Best Bred-by-Exhibitor" and "Bred-by-Exhibitor Groups". Glory went right from the regular group ring to the Bred-by group ring where she placed 4th.

The day before she also won Best Bred-by Exhibitor and placed 3rd in the Bred-by Group. She was Reserve winners bitch that day in regular competition. I am excited to have a few really nice bitches to be showing this summer. Allie, Glory, and Dove will all be shown this summer.

Glory is the litter sister of Acadia King Charles- the sire of Dove's December litter of puppies.


Acadia Shock N' Awe

Jazz is about 15 months old in these pictures. He is owned by Jean Theilman out in California.


Allie wins a 4 point major

Yesterday I showed Grandgables Acadia Accolade ("Allie") to her second major bringing her point total to 7 pts, both majors. It was even more fun because her breeder, Guy Jeavons, was there to see her win. When the judge pointed at me in the winners class, I heard this loud cheer from outside the ring and was so happy to know that Allie had more supporters than just Guy. It is fun to win, but it is really fun to be able to share the excitement with others- so thank you to everyone who supported us!

The night before there was a sanctioned match following Best In Show judging. I decided to stay and show one of the puppies I have kept from the Acadia King Charles x Acadia Peace Of Mind litter. I had only brought Eden along with me on this show weekend, and it was nice to spend some time with her. She won the puppy herding group! A nice way to start -and I hope a glimpse of her future as well!

Dean Von Push was at the shows and he took these pictures. Thank you Dean.


Blog Award!

Our Blog friends, Cool Design Shelties from Denmark has given us this awsome award. Thank You.
Bente says that I am to list 7 things I love, and then pass it on to seven other blogs I love.

Seven Things I love:

1. Living with dogs

2. sitting outside on a cool, sunny morning, with a cup of coffee, watching the dogs chase each other around the yard. Watching the swirling of gold and white makes me think of Albert Payson Terhune's books about Lad of Sunnybank.

3. snuggling with puppies

4. walks in the woods

5. morning canoeing on a quite river and observing the wildlife before the rest of the human world wakes up.

6. sycamore trees

7. the bond that develops so easily with dogs when you actually give a part of yourself to them

Seven Blogs I love and am passing this award on to:

1. Shelties4Us
2. Gone to the Dogs
3. Heart-Dogs Heal
4. Jo Ann's Place
5. Dynamutt
6. Belaire Corner
7. Istari


Ch. Zion's Man About Town, NA,HT,VC,ROM, 5CC (4/9/94 - 4/26/09)

The sheltie world is a little dimmer. Ch. Zion’s Man About Town, NA, HT, VC, ROM, 5CC passed away in the arms of his owner, Madeleine, on April 26, just 17 days after his 15th birthday. “Jamie” as he was known was a ray of sunshine in the ring.

In 1997, at age 3, Jamie won the herding group at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club. He owned the ring! In the Best In Show ring, Jamie demanded attention and was a crowd favorite. He loved the spotlight and watching his performance that night and others, it was clear that he was a "show dog". Jamie accomplished a lot of achievements. He accomplished titles in 3 different venues, he was a producer, and a good travel companion and dignified friend.

I first saw Jamie when he was 10 weeks old. I purchased his litter sister, who became Ch. Zion Acadia Town Heroine, CDX, PT, VCX (who passed away in August 2008). Tucket shared Jamie’s love of life, love of the show ring, and love of people. These two dogs were sensible in ways that I have not experienced since then.

I am honored to have been part of this family. Each one of the shelties of Acadia is a descendant of Jamie or Tucket, or both.
Madeleine- this past April 9th I thought about Tucket all day. My heart was heavy as I mourned her loss- My heart goes out to you now as I know how special Jamie was to you. I am mourning with you now.