About Us

Dogs have been an important part of my life since I was a young girl.  I have actively owned and shown shelties in conformation and obedience beginning in 1982.  When I began dating Mike I told him, "I show dogs." He married me anyway - and now dogs are an important part of both of our lives.  Our dogs are family.  We take pride in producing well-adjusted dogs that make excellent companions as well as great conformation and performance prospects.

As a dedicated breeder of pure-bred dogs, I take pride in the generations of excellence we have produced.  I love the fact that I have personally known the descendants of our dogs.  I believe that family matters- yours, mine, and theirs.

My commitment: "To use healthy dogs in my breeding program, to adhere to the standard as the measure of quality, and to provide every opportunity to my puppies to make them well adjusted family members."

Cadie with 4 of 7 consecutive generations of champion girls