Jimmy Russell March 26, 1942- October 17, 2007


My heart goes out to you Ellen.
When I came "back east", I knew many of the show people, but didn't find that "special person" whom I looked forward to seeing at every show until I met Ellen Russell. Ellen is such a positive person that I found myself seeking her out as soon as I got to a show site. Over the years we have become good friends. I am so sorry for her loss- a poem seems so small, but I really appreciate the fact it meant something to her. I love you Ellen and I look forward to seeing you at the next show, where I am sure, that despite the hole in your heart, you will have some positive spin on a gloomy outcome.


Adult female is ready for her own home

Whenever people talk to me about puppies, they always ask, "don't you find it hard to give them up?" I always say, "No. I love sharing my puppies with new families. I find it fun to add joy and excitement to a family, and when I do, I become part of that family too."

Puppies are easy- it is the adults that are hard. I think the hardest realization a breeder must come to is that eventually you arrive at a place where you have as many dogs as you can love and care for as individuals. If you go over that number, they become "dogs" and at that point it is all care and work, and not enough love and attention. It is there that you have to make a decision. I always attempt to do what is best for the individual dog. I always ask myself, will this dog be happier with some other family, or happier in my family? The time to ask that question has come for one of our adult females. She is a sable & white, 6 year old. She has WONDERFUL house manners and LOVES attention. She needs a home that will walk her as she loves to eat and sleep on the couch. I would like a home that will actually take her for walks on leash so that she doesn't gain too much weight. Please email me if you think you would be interested.


The farm in fall


"Normal"- Valerie's results for Multi-Drug Sensitivity

A new DNA test is on the market for a mutant gene that causes some breeds of dogs to have sensitivity to certain drugs. For years Vets have known that Collies, Shetland Sheepdogs, and other breeds had some level of sensitivity to the following drugs:
Ivermectin (Antiparasitic agent)
Loperamide (Imodium(r); over-the-counter antidiarrheal agent)
Doxorubicin (Anticancer agent)
Vincristine (Anticancer agent)
Vinblastine (Anticancer agent)
Veterinary Genetics Laboratory University of California at Davis has found the gene and Acadia Sweet Emotion (aka Valerie) was tested while out visiting Auntie Pam in Calf. (actually- it sounds like Valerie may have been part of the study.) Her results were:

Normal/Normal- These dogs do not carry the mutation, and will not passon the mutation to their offspring. These dogs would not be expected to experience unexpected adverse drug reactions to normal doses ofivermectin, loperamide (Imodium(r)), and some anticancer drugs.



This adorable boy is sired by Jana Barwood Winning Silks, AX, AXJ (major pointed) x Acadia Peace of Mind. It is a pleasure to share him with Gloria and Ken Hansen of Belaire shelties. His mother, Dove, and grandmother, Ch. Genna are also pictured on this blog in posts from January 2007.
Thank you Ken Hansen for these photos.
* update- Cameron grew too big to be a show dog and now lives in a wonderful pet home.


"Getty" hopes to be in the 32%

Acadia is not known for Blue merles, BUT we had a lovely litter of blues and tri's. This puppy is VERY happy to have his "girl". Caroline came looking for a dog of her own (she has 2 brothers and the family has a Brittany). Caroline would like to learn agility and I just know that Getty will be happy to learn it with her.