MACH3 Acadia's Perpetual Motion, RA, MXB2, MJB2, XF, T2B2

 Robbie is not only the Master Agility Champion we know he would be, but he did it 3 times now!! 
 He is also the star of a calendar!  He is in the 2019 Brown Trout Sheltie Calendar.

Robbie Qualified to be in the AKC Agility Nationals again this year.  Good Boy Robbie and Congratulations to owner and trainer Janet.


Carrots- my new favorite chew toys

Carrots make great chew toys.  They are 100% edible, 100% digestible, easy to find, and inexpensive.  The larger the better if they will be used for recreational chewing.   I had given the baby carrots as treats, but then I bought these large carrots to feed our mules and I was reminded how great the big carrots are for the dogs to just chew.

They are so happy


Lucy and Mason are on their way to new Obedience and Rally titles

Acadia Catch Me If You Can, CDX, BN, GN, GO, RAE, MX- "Lucy" earned her 1st Utility leg and a 3rd place.  That is quite an accomplishment.

Ch. Acadia Independence Day, RI, BN "Mason" earned 2 Rally Advanced legs. 

I am so proud of these dogs and their owners/trainers.  Thank you!


Happy New Year 2019

Acadia King Charles says Happy New Year.  On December 30 , 2018 his one and only litter (with Dove) that included GCh. Cassia, GCh. Manny and Ch. Eden turned 10 years old.   Today Charlie's family sent me this great picture.  It is so hard to believe how time flies.  I hope that I take the time to stop and smell the Roses and enjoy each dog every day.


The Lovely Dove- the matriarch

While she might not have been the one to win all of those trophies, she is responsible for all who did.


Home improvements for people with dogs

Growing up I remember people complaining about dogs ruining the windowsills. The nails, the dirt- etc. Well, our dogs were ruining our windowsills too- soooo... yesterday Mike covered the wood in Copper. Today it looks shiny and pretty, later it will be- what do we call it? Patina. I hope it looks really cool in the long run.


Acadia's Resolution- aka- Phoebe

Meet Phoebe.  She is such a beautiful and sweet girl and I feel very lucky to have her as part of our family.  She is currently being shown by my friend, Jan Williams, and has begun her quest for the championship.