Acadia Infinite Spirit, (AKC) HSAs; (ASCA) STDs&d, OTDs; (AHBA) HRD Is, HTAD Is, IIs, HTAD Id

Kathy has sent me this update on Finn.  Reports like these bring joy to my heart.  It is my pleasure to share these wonderful dogs with others, and then to share the successes they have, as pets, or competition dogs.

Kathy writes, "Finn is a wonderful companion at home and out working.  He is my special boy!  I don't know what to add. We have enjoyed agility lessons and he is a registered therapy dog through Therapy Dogs Inc.  He enjoys visiting senior residences and nursing homes.  Finn loves herding! We've worked sheep, goats, ducks and geese. He is so excited to be at the ranch when we train. We help move stock, set them out for others and do any chores we can.  We are working hard to compete in Advanced AKC, AHBA and ASCA sheep some time soon. We did earn his HTAD Id title 8/23. He loves ducks!  He is my boy :) "
Acadia Infinite Spirit (AKC) CGC, HT, PT, HS; (ASCA) STDs&d, OTDs; (AHBA) HRD Is,



Happy New Year to You

Our dogs felt that 2015 started off right.  They got lamb legs to chew on today.  The day windy, but not too cold (my van said 40- but it felt colder than that).

Ch. Dove in the back and her granddaughter, Ch. Liza, in front


We were on National TV (NBC) on Thanksgiving Day

Liza placed 3rd in the Herding Group at the National Dog Show which was aired on NBC on Thanksgiving Day.  The show itself had taken place a week and a half prior to Thanksgiving, so I was able to have the family over and we all got to watch the show together.  Mike and I have hosted Thanksgiving for both of our parents, plus siblings and any nieces and nephews that could attend.   It was very exciting to be able to share the fun of watching with them.  My sister even got a text from one of her high school friends letting her know that he had just seen her sister on TV.
Watch it here: Liza on NBC

I am Thankful for Liza.


Liza wins BEST IN SHOW again!!

Saturday Liza won the Herding Group, and the was awarded Reserve Best In Show.  I was thrilled. Sunday, she got the top prize, Best In Show!  The judges had such nice things to say about her.  Talk about Cloud 9!!!!


MACH 4 Acadia Color of Passion, HSAs, MXC, MJB2, OF (2/14/1998 - 6/17/2014)

My good friend Pam had both Molly (on the right), and Valerie (on the left).  She wrote, "MACH 4 Acadia Color of Passion HSAs, MXC, MJB2, OF "Molly" Molly came to live with me as my daughters junior handling dog for agility. When she "grew up" and gave up agility, I inherited a wonderful partner for many years to come.

Retired from agility for many years, Molly still took every opportunity to chase Border Collie Quest and "train him" to do the work. Molly and Valerie were born 2/14/1998 about the time of my first Sheltie National in Tucson where I met their breeder owner. Cadie Pruss, I can never thank you enough for sharing the girls with me. Valerie pass just a few weeks ago and Molly was still going strong at that time. Valerie passed during her nap on the cement patio, today, Molly passed in almost the same place and way. Tomorrow will be the first day since 1991 that there is not a Sheltie in the house. It will be so weirdly quiet"
My heart breaks for Pam.  I can't believe that 1 month and 2 days after Valerie passed away, Molly followed.  Pam said that her Border Collie, Quest, attempted to put the ball he and Valerie played with in Molly's grave.  I think he thought Valerie had forgotten it, and he wanted Molly to give it to her. 
These girls were truly special.  They do continue in my breeding program through Claire.


New *NA* and *NAJ* Acadia’s Party Girl *NA, *NAJ

"Pippa" earned both the Novice Standard and the Novice Jumpers title to officially become, Acadia's Party Girl, NA, NAJ
Her owner Lynn writes, "Just wanted to give you a happy update.  Pippa (who weighs just under 9 pounds and measures just under 13 inches) started her agility career in
March.  By her second trial, she had finished her NAJ title and had 2 out of
3 legs toward her NA title.  She's entered in Open JWW this weekend and will
hopefully finish her Novice Standard title.  She is lightning fast!  Thought
you'd enjoy the photo.  I'll keep you posted regarding her progress."

Pippa is the daughter of Ch. Acadia Sunburst Merry and Bright.


New *CH* Acadia's Crown Prince

Luke completed his championship this weekend by winning his 2nd major.  I was So Thrilled because he did it on the 1st day of a 4 day show weekend.  It was such a relief to win the first day.  I "bumped him up" to the Best of Breed class so he could compete for points towards the Grand Championship.   This weekend he also successfully won a major towards his Grand Champion.  I would call that a successful weekend.