Daylight Savings Time vs Standard Time

Personally I find it a bit Funny to call the time from November to March "standard time" when more than half the year is spent in Daylight Savings Time.  It takes me awhile to adjust to a one hour difference,  the dogs don't care either way and they continue as if nothing changed.

It's when we change the clocks that I am reminded that only humans care about "time"- and maybe there are still humans in the world that are not Clockwatchers, but rather, live by the natural cycle of light.  The animals do.  The puppies woke us up at the "usual time" 6:00am, but today that was 5:00am.  We got up, put the puppies outside to potty, fed the adults, brought the puppies in, fed them....  the normal routine. 


Ch. Hartwyns Acadia Totality- Dwight

Dwight is a really special guy.  He is very moderate- in every way.  I haven't measured him recently, so I don't know how tall he is.  He is balanced and fits himself.   His head planes are level, eye shape and size are correct.  His ears are Natural!  His foot timing is perfect and he moves effortlessly.  His temperament is easy going and responsive, but not nervous in any way.  His coat is Huge and great texture.  I have done a bunch of his health testing- which is on the OFA website- and so far he is a very "Normal" dog.   This is a really nice guy and I am excited to have him.


New Champion! *Ch* Hartwyns Acadia Totality

*Ch* Hartwyns Acadia Totality, aka- Dwight, won two 5 point specialty majors in one weekend.  That was an Amazing way to finish his championship.   Jan Williams showed him for me this summer.  Dwight is the grandson of GCh. Acadia Serenity.  I am really excited about this moderate young guy.


New *MACH* Acadia's Direct Energy

Carol, his owner, trainer and handler, says that Derek is Sooooo fast, he currently has 2600 points and last month he was #18 for the AKC invitational and the one only in the top 25 without a MACH- well, no longer!  Sunday, April 14th, he finished the Master Agility Champion (MACH).   I am SOO Proud of both of you.


MACH3 Acadia's Perpetual Motion, RA, MXB2, MJB2, XF, T2B2

 Robbie is not only the Master Agility Champion we know he would be, but he did it 3 times now!! 
 He is also the star of a calendar!  He is in the 2019 Brown Trout Sheltie Calendar.

Robbie Qualified to be in the AKC Agility Nationals again this year.  Good Boy Robbie and Congratulations to owner and trainer Janet.


Carrots- my new favorite chew toys

Carrots make great chew toys.  They are 100% edible, 100% digestible, easy to find, and inexpensive.  The larger the better if they will be used for recreational chewing.   I had given the baby carrots as treats, but then I bought these large carrots to feed our mules and I was reminded how great the big carrots are for the dogs to just chew.

They are so happy


Lucy and Mason are on their way to new Obedience and Rally titles

Acadia Catch Me If You Can, CDX, BN, GN, GO, RAE, MX- "Lucy" earned her 1st Utility leg and a 3rd place.  That is quite an accomplishment.

Ch. Acadia Independence Day, RI, BN "Mason" earned 2 Rally Advanced legs. 

I am so proud of these dogs and their owners/trainers.  Thank you!