Welcome Ch. Barwoods D'Lightful- aka- Joy

I am super excited with the acquisition  of Ch. Barwoods D'Lightful.    These past few months I have been so disappointed not to have puppies and I have even begun to worry, and then along came Joy.   My friend and fellow breeder Donna found herself in the position of moving to Hawaii for a job change.  She was not going to be able to take many dogs, so she need to find homes that would love and care for them- but also carry on a well established and successful line.  We are both really hoping that we are the answers to each others prayers.  Now of course we just need to produce beautiful puppies- and Please dear God-  show quality GIRLS!!


April 6, 1996- My very first litter was born

It's official! I have been breeding shelties for 20 years.  That's hard for me to believe.  My first litter was born 4/6/96 to Tucket.  I remember that litter so well. I had chosen the dog, named Chili, with whom I wanted to breed Tucket and was ecstatic when he won Reserve Winners Dog at the ASSA national.  He lived in New Mexico (and I in Arizona), but by the time Tucket was ready to breed he was visiting a handler in Wisconsin.  I didn't know much about the estrous cycle of dogs and I shipped her to the stud dog way to early.

I doubt that handler, who is still showing shelties, remembers my novice excitement and hosting Tucket for an extended stay.  She had 6 puppies- 3 girls and 3 boys. The delivery was a smooth one.  Tucket made everything so easy .  I tried to go to work the next day, but ended up coming home early just so I could sit and watch them.  Fat, healthy, pretty- they were so much fun. I still feel that way about puppies.

Two puppies went back to Connecticut with Tucket's breeder and the other 4 were sold in Arizona. Although I am still good friends with Tucket's breeder, she is no longer breeding dogs.   I kept in close contact with 3 of the Arizona owners, and two of them still have an Acadia sheltie (the 3rd now only has a Vizsla). A little belated, but Happy 20th Birthday to Pepper, Pepper (yes- there were 2) and Red Cloud.


Happy Easter 2016

This picture is of Show Low, who turned 15 this year.

When Mike and I lived in Arizona we would hide the plastic Easter eggs in the house- some in plain sight and some hidden- but all at ground level.  Mike would put a leash on our Vizsla, Copper, and I would leash up Tucket for our egg hunt.  In the eggs we would have a nice smelly dog treat.  The dogs enjoyed the egg hunt and it allowed me and Mike to continue to enjoy a childish tradition.  Both Copper and Tucket have passed on, and we have not trained any of our current dogs to hunt for eggs. 

This morning when I got up and went downstairs to take care of the dogs, I opened the dog food container, and there was a plastic purple egg.  What a wonderful surprise.  Mike had stayed up to hide eggs after I went to bed.  He said they were all up high- so the dogs didn't get them.   What a wonder start to the day.
Happy Easter.


New *NAJ* Acadia's Direct Energy, *NAJ*

Carol emailed that Derek earned his first title this weekend.  His title run was in 21.4 seconds with a yards per second of 4.67! That's Smokin' !


*New Champion* Acadia Independence Day

I got a wonderful text from Mason's handler informing me that he was Winners Dog today for that final major and the Championship.   I always like to show the dogs myself, but I don't like to go to shows in the winter, and Florida has 2 solid weeks of shows.  Lots of full-time handlers go to Florida to take advantage of good weather and multiple shows in one location.

Mason- what's that in your mouth?
Mason was being handled by a friend who professionally handles shelties for a living, and has the advantage of living in Florida.  I am so thankful that happened quickly- she only showed him in 3 shows.Mason is the son of GCh. Acadia Serenity and is her first champion, from her first litter.  These are pictures of him growing up.


When everything feels like gambling

We didn’t win the anything in the Powerball, but I knew that money was spent gambling.  These past few weeks the stock market has been falling, but we know that investing is a gamble.  Mason is at shows in Florida this weekend competing to win that last major for his championship, and sometime dogs shows just feel like gambling.  Cassia was bred and had a litter of 1 in December and Claire was bred and is due now.  She is not pregnant.  Liza was just bred this week and wow, now breeding just feels like gambling.

There are always methods and ways to increase the odds, but at the moment I am just feeling beaten.  If I had all of the money I am spending on the gamble, I would be ahead, but it is not just about money.  All of these risks that we take- all of the gambling is really about hope and excitement.  It is really about the excitement of the future; about the possibilities of what is to come.  

I think I have done everything I could to increase the odds that Liza has conceived.  I think I am doing what I can to increase the odds that Mason will finish this month.  I think I am doing what I can to increase the odds that Cassia’s single puppy will be a future star- but time will tell.  For all of it (especially the money parts), I have heard it’s better to be lucky than good. 


Did you buy a ticket?

It's all the talk- the record PowerBall prize. Yesterday it was $800million and I heard that today it is over that.  The drawing is tonight.

A few years ago my friend Ellen and I drove to Florida in December to show at Eukanuba.  On the way home, I found out the PowerBall prize was some huge amount.  I bought a ticket when we stopped to get gas in Georgia.  Ellen and I spent hours on our drive home talking about what we would do if it was a winning ticket.  We had a great time- and I felt that fun was well worth $2.00. Someone did win and when I heard, "the winning ticket was sold in Georgia" I didn't want to hear any more.  I knew I didn't win, but, I had bought a ticket in GEORGIA and that was as close as I had gotten.

I bought a ticket for this drawing.  I know I won't win, but I have enjoyed listening to everyone talk about what they would do if they won, and I have enjoyed the excitement and anticipation.  I think it is worth the price of a ticket.