Congratulations Penny on being chosen as Member of the Month

The PAWSitive Therapy Troupe is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to sharing registered therapy dogs with individuals in a wide variety of health care and educational settings--bringing comfort, support and encouragement through the unique healing power of the human-animal bond

Congratulations Penny.  You are a dedicated member of the Therapy Troupe, and also the Acadia shelties family.  Tess, Gracie, and Show Low all came from Acadia. Kate is the granddaughter of Show Low. 


NEW MACH! *MACH* Acadia's Perpetual Motion, MX, MXS, MXJ, MJS, XF, T2B, RA

Janet writes, We had an awesome weekend at the Cocker Spaniel Agility trials this weekend. On Friday, Robbie qualified ALL 5 RUNS (Master Standard, Master Jumpers, Premier Standard, Premier Jumpers, and T2B), earning the final QQ for his MACH!!! He went on to QQ again both Saturday and Sunday - he’s never before QQ’ed more than once in a weekend! In all, he Qualified 9 of 14 runs, and those he didn’t Q were still very respectable runs!"

Maybe he QQ'ed (which means he had Qualified in Standard and he Qualified in Jumpers and Weaves- so he Q'ed in 2 classes in the same day, or double Q'ed) on Friday- and then was so rewarded by Janet's positive response that he decided to do it again.  Or maybe Janet was more relaxed the next two days because the MACH was finally achieved.  It is hard to say, but I know that for me personally, once I have accomplished something I had been striving to do, it seems to come so much easier and I wonder why I had been working so hard.    Congratulations Janet and Robbie.  I am so proud of both of you.


The never ending summer- the dangers of Heat

I started to write this on July 27 when we had 2 solid weeks of extreme heat and No rain.  I didn’t get it posted and the temps “cooled off” (from 90’s-100 degrees down to high 80’s).   This past weekend it all came back, and with the heat, humidity.  UGH!
All the vegetation here is dead.  The lawn, our garden, our pastures.  This summer has been one of extreme heat and no rain. 
In all of these heat warnings, the news is still reporting deaths of children in cars.  According to one article I read, at least 23 children have died in hot cars this year.  According to the article, this number usually averages 37 such deaths a year.  That is CHILDREN, not pets too.   When I look at my blog and I think, “oh, I have already written about heat” and then I hear of another death, I realize it is worth writing about.  Last night a women told me that she takes her dogs everywhere with her and she carries an extra set of keys so she can keep the car running with the air conditioner on.   That sounds good, but the reason some accidents are “tragic” is because we thought we were doing things right.  
This summer a fellow dog show participant experienced such a tragedy and 14 dogs died in a hot van in Indiana.  The van had an air conditioning unit powered by an extension cord that was plugged in at a hotel where the person was staying.  The person thought the dogs were cool and safe.  Tragically, a circuit breaker tripped, cutting off the air.  A heart breaking, tragic accident.   While I travel to shows with my dogs this summer, I worry about the heat, and try to plan ahead.
The best thing to do would be to leave the pets at home, but that is not always an option.   Make sure to have plenty of water.  Portable Fans are available for travel.  Some small ones hang on the crates, while other larger ones plug into portable batteries.  Cool mats for the dogs to lay on (in their crates while in a car of course) help to move heat out of the body.  Shade- always, always park in the shade when possible. Windshield and window covers help quite a bit.   Lastly, just don’t leave them in vehicles. 

Stay Safe, fall will be here soon. 


New *NAJ* *NF* Acadia Prince of Parks, *NAJ*, *NF*

Parker completed the Novice Agility Jumpers and Novice Fast (agility) and is alrerady only one qualifying score away from his Open titles. I am so proud of Tina and Parker for competing in agility.  Parker is the pride and joy of Tina's parents.  He is named both for their love of camping, and to honor his dad, GCh. Acadia Prince of Peace, HT, NPJ, VC

Tina takes amazing photographs.  Thank you for sharing them with us.

Parker camping in 2016

Parker as a puppy (2013)


New *MXJ* Acadia Essence of Joy, UD, RE, AX, MXJ

This is Amy's birthday week.  She will be 93!  This weekend she had ALL Qualifying Runs.   In February Amy and Joy earned two back to back UD legs with 2nd placements in classes of over 20 dogs.  I am so proud to have been chosen by Amy for her shelties.


Mothers Make the World Go ‘Round

I think that mothers are the backbone of us all.  I really value good mothers.  I am so fortunate to have a good mother, and I watch mother-offspring interactions all the time.  In my breeding program, I won’t tolerate poor mothers- in dogs or in sheep.  I select for mothers that are attentive, keep their offspring clean, fed, are attentive, and offer adequate and appropriate touch.  Touch, often in the form of licking, is essential to both physical and emotional development.  In a nutshell, Good mothers are the antidote to a demanding life to come.
Today, take the time  to celebrate motherhood.


Welcome Ch. Barwoods D'Lightful- aka- Joy

I am super excited with the acquisition  of Ch. Barwoods D'Lightful.    These past few months I have been so disappointed not to have puppies and I have even begun to worry, and then along came Joy.   My friend and fellow breeder Donna found herself in the position of moving to Hawaii for a job change.  She was not going to be able to take many dogs, so she need to find homes that would love and care for them- but also carry on a well established and successful line.  We are both really hoping that we are the answers to each others prayers.  Now of course we just need to produce beautiful puppies- and Please dear God-  show quality GIRLS!!