New *CDX* Acadia Essence of Joy, RAE, *CDX*

(Acadia Essence of Joy) Joy has her CDX Title !!! All three first places !!! Joy was in 4 trials = Goofed one for not coming back over the high jump. Joy's lst leg was at the Santa Clara DTC Jan 19, 'l4,  2nd was Mar 20, '14 3rd was yesterday the 22nd.. The last two trials was at Vallejo and my very good friend gave me a ride. We're celebrating with a large cake at the two classes we train at.
Joy does 80 % of the Utility exercises now
Joy sends her hello. Love, Amy
Amy is the AMAZING owner/trainer of both Acadia Aquilegia, UD, MX, MXJ, RE and Joy and I am so proud to claim her as part of our family. CONGRATULATIONS AND  THANK YOU Amy!