New *RE* Acadia's Catch Me If You Can, *Rally Excellent*

Acadia's Catch Me If You Can *RE* This past weekend NO ONE could catch Lucy.  At the Potomac Valley Shetland Sheepdog club, she was high combined in A and B- and when you are competing against other Shelties- you know the competition was tough!!!  Lucy and LeaAnne completed the Rally Excellent title with 3 1st place wins.  Way to Go Girls!!!!


A beautiful sunny day- so we went outside for the 1st time

Well "warm" is a relative term, and although it was "warmer" than it has been, the puppies huddled together- so we didn't stay out too long.  Just enough for them to feel the sun,  get a breath of fresh air, meet a friendly person, and for me to take a few pictures.


Yes, we did have puppies-

 Yes, Faith had her puppies on 3/31/2013.  I can't believe how time flies.  There eyes are open and they are now starting on puppy food.  I always get a kick out of watching puppies eat their first meal.  They get it all over themselves and make such a mess- but mom loves to help clean them up.

We now know for certain that Manny IS tri-factored because there are 2 tricolor puppies in the litter.   There are 2 tri boys, 3 sable boys, and 2 sable girls.   I would LOVE to have one of these tri boys turn out to be show quality as I would love to have a tri Manny son.

Speaking of Manny, he is having some fun in Alaska.  I will write about his adventures next.