Merry Christmas

Ch. Acadia Independence Day, aka "Mason"
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!  Thank you for the wonderful pictures.
Aspen and Rennon-


Bundles of Joy

Ch. Barwoods D'Lightful, aka "Joy"
Yesterday Joy had a litter of 8 puppies.  I am Super Excited!  Liza's son, Acadia's Stage Director, aka-Aidan, is the sire.  This is Aidan's first litter.  When we lived in PA our average litter size had dropped and Mike and I spent a lot of time and effort attempting to figure out what was the cause.  We never did come to any really conclusion, but it seems that Idaho agrees with the dogs- at least from a fertility standpoint.  8 puppies is a good sized litter.  Thank you Aidan and Joy.


Group 1 for Acadia Windstorm Desert Sea

Leslie and I co-own Acadia Windstorm Desert Sea, aka "Desi".  This summer Leslie sent Desi here to be shown, but there are not as many shows as I would like to go to.   Leslie decided to come out to visit and the two of us would go to Washington state to the Sammamish Kennel Club.   We analyzed the entry prior to going and we had noticed that we could win a major if Desi won the Herding Group.  If only it were that easy.

We did talk about it a lot.  We talked about how much fun it would be, and what a great way that would be to win a major.  We even told another exhibitor we wanted to win the Group to win a major. They said, "good luck."  In order to even get to the Groups, first she would have to win Best of Breed.  When she did, we looked at each other and smiled a big smile.  Step 1- Done.

We took the Best of Breed picture and the judge was very complimentary about Desi's structure.  She told us what a nice front Desi has- and that is a difficult virtue to find in shelties these days.  She told us that she has found many short tails, but Desi has a nice long tail.  She thanked us for bringing her such a nice sheltie.

As we were waiting for the Groups to begin, I said, "let's go win the Group".  Desi showed her heart out. The judge smiled when I put Desi on the table to be examined. My hopes went up. When the judge was doing her last look she walked all the way down the line, looking at each dog.  When she got to us she said,
"Sheltie- 1st."   We did it!!


*PACH2* Acadia One Very Special Puppy

Congratulations to Heidi Stum and "Piper" on completing the PACH 2
Rich Knecht took this beautiful photo of the new title.

Heidi has been working hard and having a lot of success.  In addition to all of her successes with Piper, she is training the young dog, "Cheer".

Cheer is now, Acadia's Quiet Cheer, ACT 1, NAJ, NA.   I am very excited that Cheer is doing so well and hopefully she will continue to be a successful partner with Heidi.


Acadia Keep Me In Mind

"Keeper" is off to a GREAT start.  She is from GCh. Acadia Presence of Mind (Cassia)'s last litter.  She has won Best of Breed over Champions twice and both times she placed in the Herding Group.  That is a really great record.   The day pictured Keeper had a Great Day.  She was being shown in the Bred-by-Exhibitor class and the show was offering a special "Best Bred-by-Exhibitor" competition.  She won the Bred-By Herding Group in addition to placing in the regular group.    I love Keeper and I am very excited to have another Cassia daughter to show.


Bliss- now Tess- New *CD* Acadia Peace and Quiet, *CD*

Acadia Peace and Quiet,CD is the daughter of GCh. Acadia Prince of Peace, HT, OJP, VC out of Acadia Decibel (a Cassia daughter).  I thought Peace and Quiet was a cute name for this pairing- and what would her call name be?  Well Bliss of course. When you live with multiple shelties, your idea about "bliss" changes ;-)

Bliss was a beautiful puppy and I showed her when she was in the 6-9 month class.  She won a major reserve.  I was so pleased with the way she handled herself at shows. She was quietly confident and steady.  During the winter her ear tip started to get lower and lower- until I could no longer show her.  She had so many qualities that I did breed her, but then she went to live with my friend Penny.

Penny is a remarkable trainer and I knew that she would appreciate Bliss.  There was just one problem.  Penny has a family member named Bliss- so Bliss got a name change to Tess.  Tess is training in Obedience and Rally.  I was getting messages from Penny telling me about Tess' high scores in obedience, and she completed all 3 CD legs with scores in the 190's.  The highest score possible is 200, so she was near perfect.

At the ASSA National Tess competed in Rally Novice for her first time.   There were 43 shelties entered in that class and Tess placed FIRST!  I am sure she will finish the RN (Rally Novice) title quickly.  I am super excited that Tess will have so many opportunities with Penny.  I know that Tess really loves pleasing her- it is obvious in the pictures I get.


Happy Mother's Day GCh. Acadia Presence of Mind

GCh. Acadia Presence of Mind

This Mother's Day I am paying tribute to the contribution of a very important mother, GCh. Acadia Presence of Mind, "Cassia" as she is known to friends.  Cassia is my favorite because of her wonderful personality.  She is happy, willing, sensible and a comfort to be around.  Cassia is now sharing her love with a family in Pennsylvania, which was difficult for me, but at the same time, Cassia is just too great not to share.

Acadia Essence of Joy, UD, RE, AX, MXJ
Acadia Sea Porter-left        Ch. Acadia State of Mind-right
Ch. Acadia State of Mind
Cassia loved her puppies, which makes having puppies so much fun.  She loved to show off her puppies to anyone who wanted to ohh and ahh over them and always seemed to be saying, "aren't my kids just the greatest".  I thought so, and as a result most of my shelties are either her daughters, sons, or grand-kids.  Cassia has had a huge impact on my breeding program.  I am so thankful for her.
Best In Show winner, GChS Acadia Stage Presence, CC

Cassia's sons and daughters:
GChS. Acadia Stage Presence, CC- Best in Show and Best in Specialty show winner
Ch. Acadia State of Mind
Acadia Essence of Joy, UD, RE, AX, MXJ
Acadia Teagan Rose, CD, NF
Acadia Sea Porter (7 pts)
Acadia Windstorm Desert Sea (pts. Herding Group Winner)
Acadia Decibel and Cadence
Acadia Keep Me In Mind (2pts)
Acadia Decibel
Acadia Just for the Fun of It
Acadia's Next Top Model
Acadia Decibel and Cadence 

Acadia Windstorm Desert Sea
Cassia- left, Liza-right

Cadie & Cassia, Amy & Acadia Just for the Fun of It, Acadia Teagan Rose, CD,NF


Amy's 94th Birthday- and she is running Agility!

 Amy turned 94 today, and she ran Joy at an Agility trial to celebrate.   Twelve years ago my friend Pam called and said her 82 year old friend wanted a sheltie to train in obedience and agility.  Pam said that she would be the co-owner and take the dog should anything happen to Amy.  I sent her Quill, who became Acadia Aquilegia, UD, RE, MX, MXJ, MJB, MXP, MJP2, under Amy's guidance.   Last month, at age 12, Quill passed away.  So much for worrying about an 82 year old owner.

Five years ago Pam called me again and said that Amy wanted a "faster" dog- and did I have anything for her?  Quill was steady and consistent, but Amy wanted speed.  Since Pam was the one on the phone and not Amy, I know that I laughed.  Not a condescending laugh, but a "what a great request from an 89 year old women." sort of laugh.  I sent her Joy.  Amy worked her magic again and now Joy is Acadia Essence of Joy, UD, RE, AX, MXJ.  Joy only needs 1 more qualifying run for the MX.

Joy is fully trained and she and Amy are on "auto pilot" and Amy's only other dog is a retired Border Collie.  She is ready for a new training challenge.  Why not. I think the dogs, the mental challenge of training, the physical activity, the responsibility, keeps her young.  I will send her another sheltie and look forward to writing about Amazing Amy for years to come.


Derby Day! Lookin at Lee and "a strong female line"

Lookin at Lee
Today in the 143rd Running of the Kentucky Derby, Lookin at Lee was 2nd place.  I had liked him
just based on his pedigree.
This website on the Derby entry's pedigree's states, "Lookin at Lee descends from a strong female line going back to a full sister to Fair Play, a Hall of Famer himself but best remembered as the sire of Man o’ War.  Derby rival McCraken (see #15) comes from another branch of the same line" The website further states, " Lookin at Lee is a case study in how classy female lines can spring to life again."
Fair Play
Fair Play was the sire of Man o' War, who was, in my opinion, the greatest racehorse of all time.  A sheltie named Fair Play of Sea Isle, ROM was the sire of the greatest sheltie of all time, Ch. Halstor Peter Pumpkin, ROM.  "Peter", as he was known, is the sire of 160 champions. Impressive indeed.  It made me smile to be reminded that "Fair Play" was an incredibly important sire.  Yes he was. This post is not about sires however.  What had 1st caught my eye was the statement about Lookin at Lee's "strong female line".
Ch. Kawartha's Fair Game, ROM

Ch. Sea Isle Rhapsody of Halstor
  When choosing sires, I look to ensure they have a "strong female line".  The great Fair Play of Sea Isle, ROM came from a beautiful Champion bitch, Ch. Kawartha's Fair Game, ROM who produced quality (Champion) offspring from various sires.  Fair Play, although not a champion himself, had a litter sister, Ch. Gillian Fair of Sea Isle, who finished her championship and also produced an influential daughter, Ch. Barwood Scotchguard Sonata, ROM who produced 6 champions- 2 of them ROM's.   When Fair Play of Sea Isle, ROM was bred to the beautiful Ch. Sea Isle Rhapsody of Halstor, herself the 4th generation of champion bitches on the dam's side and 3rd generation of champion bitches on the sire's side, he produced the incomparable "Peter".  Peter's influence as a sire can not be understated in this breed. The classy female lines and their ability to produce generation after generation of quality spring to life in Peter's prodigy.


National Purebred Dog Day

Rosie- Vizsla
Pure-bred dogs offer humans so much. Dogs that are predicable in size, temperament, energy levels, coat care, etc. offer "something for everyone". Pure-bred dogs cause me to celebrate diversity every day. I am so thankful to share my home with 3 different breeds- each of them remarkably different from one another, yet true to their breed's nature.  They are each predictable, yet individual. 
Cassia- sheltie
Pure-bred dogs could not have continued to exist as long as they have if they were not "healthy"- yet dogs, ALL dogs, do experience diseases. Some of those are genetic. Pure-bred dogs offer humans answers..
Thank you to the purebred Shelties and Collies whose DNA is assisting people suffering from Juvenile dermatomyositis (JDM), a chronic inflammatory disease of the skin and muscles. It turns out that some shelties and collies also suffer from a very similar disease, and because of a "limited" gene pool in pure-bred dogs (as opposed to a very diverse human gene pool), break-through research at Clemson University's Department of Genetics and Biochemistry has cracked the genetic code for this disease. This research will help people, and also our shelties and collies.  Pure-bred dogs and people alike will continue to get healthier thanks to this important research.  Good Dogs!!
Eber- Kangal


National Puppy Day

For Cindy and others who just ask for "more puppy pictures".  I do not have puppies at the moment, so if you have a sheltie from me, you might say, "hey, that looks like...."   and it might very well be.   Enjoy the cute puppies.


Fluffy and Gentle, and great listeners

It seems that many Acadia shelties enjoy children's reading programs.  LeaAnne takes Lucy to participate in the "Paws To Read" program in Maryland, while Lori takes Tryk and Cache to the "Paws To Read" program in Tucson, AZ.  Penny takes Tess to the "Read with Me" program in Chicago and Karen takes Allie to schools and libraries so children can practice reading.

Tryk and Levi

Shelties are such a great fit for these programs because they are not an intimidating breed.  Penny describes Tess as, "fluffy and gentle", which really is just a perfect combination for a reading partner.   LeaAnne said that Lucy is one of the smallest dogs in her program, and that makes her popular with the kids.  Karen says that Allie has a magnetic pull to all she meets.

I LOVE the fact that these owners share their dogs and allow the special gifts these dogs have to offer be bestowed upon others.


*New Ch* Acadia State of Mind

Staten at 13 weeks
Staten finished his championship today in Kentucky with 3 majors.  I had shown him to 7 points with one major, but then he blew coat and looked like a teenager (which he was) I knew that he would be ready to show again after I had moved, so I sent him to be shown by my friends and professional handlers, Nick and Joel.  With them he won 2 more majors and a few single points to finish his championship.

He is the 2nd champion for his mom, Cassia.

12 months


Carolyn Arvidson 12/17/1930-1/12/2017

The day I “got the call” the movers were at my house packing for our move to Idaho.   It was not completely unexpected, but at the same time, it was.

In October my sister and mother took an “epic trip” across the country visiting friends, family, historical sites, and national parks. Mom, of course, began her journey in CT and took the train to Philadelphia where she joined my sister and they began the drive: final destination- Seattle, WA.  My farm was the 1st stop on the journey which took just over 2 weeks.

At 85 mom seemed to be in fabulous health.  She was mentally sharp, lived in her own home without any assistance, had plans for the future, and appeared that she would live forever.  My sister had no reservations about having her as a co-pilot.  Not to worry, this story will not prove my sister wrong- she wasn’t.  Mom proved to be a very able navigator and driver- and an overall great traveling companion.   This trip was a huge success and both mom and my sister had the “trip of a lifetime”.  Some of the highlights involved visiting sites of historically family significance, such as ,The Gallup House my mother’s mother’s birthplace and childhood home in IA, and a church in Deer Park, WA that my mother’s grandfather helped establish.

Upon reaching Seattle my mom commented that she was a bit constipated- well, ok, they just spent 2+ weeks in a car.  Once home, mom went to visit her doctor about the persistent issue- although she continued to attend dinner parties and luncheons.  In November her doctor sent her to the ER, where she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon cancer.  That was November 16th, and the decline was rapid.  I did get to visit her in both November and December- both times she was in the hospital, and both times we did get to enjoy each other’s uninterrupted company, although not under ideal circumstances.

How lucky that our mother didn’t experience prolonged suffering.  When my mom and sister took their trip, they had no idea of the pending troubles.  They were able to enjoy the trip without sadness and grief.  I am a bit jealous of the time my sister got spend with my mom, but I am So Thankful that they took that trip together.  I am so Thankful that my mother got to see these family places, and visit with family along the way.  As always, I am SO THANKFUL that she is my mother.  Mom, I love you more than tongue can tell and words can write.