National Purebred Dog Day

Rosie- Vizsla
Pure-bred dogs offer humans so much. Dogs that are predicable in size, temperament, energy levels, coat care, etc. offer "something for everyone". Pure-bred dogs cause me to celebrate diversity every day. I am so thankful to share my home with 3 different breeds- each of them remarkably different from one another, yet true to their breed's nature.  They are each predictable, yet individual. 
Cassia- sheltie
Pure-bred dogs could not have continued to exist as long as they have if they were not "healthy"- yet dogs, ALL dogs, do experience diseases. Some of those are genetic. Pure-bred dogs offer humans answers..
Thank you to the purebred Shelties and Collies whose DNA is assisting people suffering from Juvenile dermatomyositis (JDM), a chronic inflammatory disease of the skin and muscles. It turns out that some shelties and collies also suffer from a very similar disease, and because of a "limited" gene pool in pure-bred dogs (as opposed to a very diverse human gene pool), break-through research at Clemson University's Department of Genetics and Biochemistry has cracked the genetic code for this disease. This research will help people, and also our shelties and collies.  Pure-bred dogs and people alike will continue to get healthier thanks to this important research.  Good Dogs!!
Eber- Kangal

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