Bliss- now Tess- New *CD* Acadia Peace and Quiet, *CD*

Acadia Peace and Quiet,CD is the daughter of GCh. Acadia Prince of Peace, HT, OJP, VC out of Acadia Decibel (a Cassia daughter).  I thought Peace and Quiet was a cute name for this pairing- and what would her call name be?  Well Bliss of course. When you live with multiple shelties, your idea about "bliss" changes ;-)

Bliss was a beautiful puppy and I showed her when she was in the 6-9 month class.  She won a major reserve.  I was so pleased with the way she handled herself at shows. She was quietly confident and steady.  During the winter her ear tip started to get lower and lower- until I could no longer show her.  She had so many qualities that I did breed her, but then she went to live with my friend Penny.

Penny is a remarkable trainer and I knew that she would appreciate Bliss.  There was just one problem.  Penny has a family member named Bliss- so Bliss got a name change to Tess.  Tess is training in Obedience and Rally.  I was getting messages from Penny telling me about Tess' high scores in obedience, and she completed all 3 CD legs with scores in the 190's.  The highest score possible is 200, so she was near perfect.

At the ASSA National Tess competed in Rally Novice for her first time.   There were 43 shelties entered in that class and Tess placed FIRST!  I am sure she will finish the RN (Rally Novice) title quickly.  I am super excited that Tess will have so many opportunities with Penny.  I know that Tess really loves pleasing her- it is obvious in the pictures I get.

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