MACH 3 Acadia Color Of Passion, HS

This past Saturday Pam Hetrick guided "Molly" to the final "double Q" to achieve her MACH status for the 3rd time, making her a MACH 3. This is an AKC title. In order to achieve the MACH title a dog must earn 700 points and 20 "double Q's". AKC offers two different agility courses- "Standard" which includes all of the contact obstacles, and "Jumpers with Weaves" in which the course only has jumps, weave poles and tunnels. Dogs that qualify in both courses on the same day get a "double Qualify" or "double Q".

We are so proud of Pam and Molly. Molly didn't begin agility until she was 3 years old. She is the mother of Show Low (pictured below) and MACH, NATCH, ADCH Acadia's Candidate, HS- the first TRIPLE agility champion (all breeds) in the city of Tucson, AZ. You can read more about that on his web page at


U-CH Linden Acadia Stacked Deck, CD, HSAsd, JHD, CGC, TDI

"Show Low" completed his United Kennel Club championship (U-Ch.) going Best of Breed at 5 of the 6 shows, 2 group 2nds and 2 group 3rds. Wow. Are you trying to upstage Genna? Well go ahead- Acadia wants to have lots of successes to report every week!
He is also ranked #8 in Herding (actual herding- like sheep- not the "Herding Group") for shelties. This is the second time an Acadia sheltie has been ranked in herding, but the first time Show Low's co-owner, Penny Brcich has had a ranked dog. Congratulations to you both.
This past year Show Low completed the Herding Started (HS) title with both sheep and ducks. His titles are Herding started on the A course (there are 3 different courses) sheep and ducks -or- HSAsd. Penny thinks he will be ready for Herding Intermediate next year. Good luck and I look forward to reporting that new title.
Show Low is pictured with co-owner Penny Brcich with whom he lives and by whom he is trained.


NEW CHAMPION Acadia It's My Treat

This past weekend at the Ashtabula Kennel Club in Hamburg, NY, Genna (Acadia It's My Treat) won her second major under judge Mrs. Edy Dykstra-Blum to complete the requirements of the AKC's Championship title. Genna not only won a major, but she finished in style by going Best of Breed that day.

Genna is the 3rd generation Ch. Acadia bitch*. This is very exciting as she finished from the Bred-by- Exhibitor class.

She is the mother of Canyon and Dove and we look forward to Dove becoming the 4th generation of Ch. Acadia girls.

We had a wonderful weekend full of support by friends and acquaintances who cheered us on, gave hugs and kisses and were genuine in their support. Thank you all- that makes the win all the more meaningful and memorable.

*2nd generation bred by Acadia, 3rd generation to carry the Acadia kennel name.


Acadia On My Mind

Canyon wanted to have his picture taken too. He and Dove are littermates. They are 8 1/2 months old.


Acadia Peace of Mind

Ms. Charlotte Clem McGowan, an expert on shelties and the author of The Shetland Sheepdog in America, was judging at the Western Reserve Kennel Club on Dec. 17. That day she was mentoring a judge who has applied for the addition of Shelties to his judges license. Her comment (regarding Dove) to this future judge was, come closer and look at this face. This is what Sheltie expression should be*. How exciting to have such a compliment from Ms. McGowan!!
* a paraphrase of her comment

I finally took a picture of Dove. Why didn't I do it while she was groomed up and at the shows? Good question. I didn't have a camera. So here she is with her whiskers half grown out, but you can still see how lovely she is. I am very excited about her.