NEW CHAMPION Acadia It's My Treat

This past weekend at the Ashtabula Kennel Club in Hamburg, NY, Genna (Acadia It's My Treat) won her second major under judge Mrs. Edy Dykstra-Blum to complete the requirements of the AKC's Championship title. Genna not only won a major, but she finished in style by going Best of Breed that day.

Genna is the 3rd generation Ch. Acadia bitch*. This is very exciting as she finished from the Bred-by- Exhibitor class.

She is the mother of Canyon and Dove and we look forward to Dove becoming the 4th generation of Ch. Acadia girls.

We had a wonderful weekend full of support by friends and acquaintances who cheered us on, gave hugs and kisses and were genuine in their support. Thank you all- that makes the win all the more meaningful and memorable.

*2nd generation bred by Acadia, 3rd generation to carry the Acadia kennel name.

JoZ  – (February 9, 2007 at 6:14:00 AM PST)  

CONGRATULATIONS Cadie ... Way to go Genna!!! She is a Pretty Girl, for sure!

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