MACH 3 Acadia Color Of Passion, HS

This past Saturday Pam Hetrick guided "Molly" to the final "double Q" to achieve her MACH status for the 3rd time, making her a MACH 3. This is an AKC title. In order to achieve the MACH title a dog must earn 700 points and 20 "double Q's". AKC offers two different agility courses- "Standard" which includes all of the contact obstacles, and "Jumpers with Weaves" in which the course only has jumps, weave poles and tunnels. Dogs that qualify in both courses on the same day get a "double Qualify" or "double Q".

We are so proud of Pam and Molly. Molly didn't begin agility until she was 3 years old. She is the mother of Show Low (pictured below) and MACH, NATCH, ADCH Acadia's Candidate, HS- the first TRIPLE agility champion (all breeds) in the city of Tucson, AZ. You can read more about that on his web page at

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