Acadia Peace of Mind

Ms. Charlotte Clem McGowan, an expert on shelties and the author of The Shetland Sheepdog in America, was judging at the Western Reserve Kennel Club on Dec. 17. That day she was mentoring a judge who has applied for the addition of Shelties to his judges license. Her comment (regarding Dove) to this future judge was, come closer and look at this face. This is what Sheltie expression should be*. How exciting to have such a compliment from Ms. McGowan!!
* a paraphrase of her comment

I finally took a picture of Dove. Why didn't I do it while she was groomed up and at the shows? Good question. I didn't have a camera. So here she is with her whiskers half grown out, but you can still see how lovely she is. I am very excited about her.

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