Happy 9th Birthday Carrie

Ch. Sunburst Acadia Here I Come, “Carrie”, is 9 years old today. This picture is of her with “her girl” Katie. I had always expected Carrie to live her entire life with me and Mike at Acadia- but one day a wonderful women, Susan Leddy, called and described Carrie to a T when she was describing the sheltie she hoped to find for herself. Even though Carrie was everything Susan wanted, Carrie never crossed my mind as a match because --- well, Carrie wasn’t available.

Susan was an older women who wanted an adult sheltie that was not too big. She wanted to do therapy work and wanted a calm and loving dog. Susan went on to mention many other traits that she wanted that Carrie possessed. I spoke with Susan many times on the phone until finally it dawned on me that she was describing Carrie. I asked Susan to meet me at a dog show and I would bring Carrie to see if they might have some “chemistry”. Susan came with her daughter, watched us show, and went back to my van to see Carrie. Susan sat down in a chair and I got Carrie out of the van- she immediately jumped into Susan’s lap! I told Susan that she couldn’t take Carrie that day. I was not ready yet, but that yes, I could see they did have chemistry. (I had a few great pictures of these two, but the memory stick crashed and they were lost)

The two lived together for only a little over a year before Susan succumbed to cancer. I know that Carrie was the best therapy dog for Susan, even if she never completed the formal training to be certified for this type of work.

Of course my contract always says the dog is to come back to me if for any reason you can no longer keep the dog, but in this case, Susan’s daughter asked if she could have Carrie. They have told me that having Carrie has made the passing of their mother a little easier, so again, she has proven that yes, she is a therapy dog.

Although I miss Carrie, I love to touch the lives of other people and families in ways that humans are not usually able. Dogs are the best, and I love to share my love with other people.
Happy Birthday Carrie.


Two Rally Novice legs for Lizzy

Congratulations to Luann and Lizzy! They now have 2 Rally Novice legs and hope to complete the title the first weekend of September in York. I was so happy to be there to cheer (and take pictures) on Sunday. Too bad I missed them on Saturday when they placed 2nd in the class.


Acadia's Bright New Day wins a Major!

This weekend Chip was entered at the Mid-Susquehanna Kennel Club show in Middleburg, PA. Only one of the 2 days had entries large enough for a major- and it was only in females. Chip was Winners Dog, but then in order to win the major, he had to go Best of Winners. He DID! He now has 12 points, 1 major and will be looking for that final major to finish. One more win is all he needs! He attained all of his minor points by the 4th of July and we have not been to a show with a major entry since then. He will not be shown in September, so stay tuned- I hope to announce a new champion in October.


Ch. Zion Acadia Town Heroine, CDX, PT, VCX (4/9/94- 8/13/08)

Ch. Zion Acadia Town Heroine, CDX, PT, VCX
(4/9/94- 8/13/08)

2008 is proving to be symbolic in the severing of Mike and my “early years” through the loss of our pets. Patrick passed away earlier this summer, and now Tucket is gone. Patrick was a cat that Mike and I found 18 years ago in the woods while we were attending the University of New Hampshire. We took him back to my apartment where he and I lived for the next two years. He then lived with my parents while Mike and I got jobs and moved to Arizona. Many times we asked my parents to send him to Arizona, but they found they couldn’t part with him and he lived the rest of his life with my parents in Connecticut.
Mike and I got Tucket at the beginning of our second year of marriage and she was a part of so many “firsts” in so many facets of our newly married life. As Mike and I sit at the kitchen table and discuss her involvement in our lives, it is both heart-breaking and amazing to realize our active and interesting our lives had been and how involved our dogs were through it all. For me and Mike, Tucket, Copper and Naco are our core- the dogs we had at the beginning; the dogs that were truly our “family”. Tucket, Copper, and Naco went camping with friends, camping at the Grand Canyon, camping at a Buffalo ranch, and a lot more camping. On one camping/ quail hunting trip, Tucket found an injured quail and carried it all the way back to camp alive where she was named an honorary “bird dog”. We have had so many adventures and we have enjoyed remembering them through our memories of Tucket.
She loved to play ball, bite the water coming out of hose, howl, and play “find-it”. Mike and I didn’t have a TV and we entertained ourselves by training our dogs. Mike and I loved to hide objects and play “find it” with the dogs. They loved it too. Their paw-prints and names are in concrete in Arizona at the first house we bought.

When Mike and I started dating, I told him, “I show dogs”- but when we met at UNH, my childhood dog (Ch. Parker of Mirluc, CD) had passed away, and I was dog-less. Mike didn’t really understand what he was in for, but he knew our life would involve “dogs”. Tucket was the foundation of Acadia. She was my second Champion sheltie, but the first sheltie that I showed to all of the points. She finished her championship on July 4, 1997 and I pretended that all of the fireworks were for us. She produced the first litter of puppies I ever had and made it appear so easy. She was my first Champion/VCX, and she was the first dog I learned to train using the “new” positive clicker method. Tucket was sensible, fun, rough and tumble, a great camping dog, a great show dog, and a great friend.
Her end was an easy one. She did not suffer a prolonged illness. She was not tragically killed. We were home when her time came, and we had the opportunity to say “good-bye, we love you”. Mike and I are thankful to have shared 14 wonderful years with her.

Tucket, our oldest is gone and we are heart-broken.


Office Humor:

Toonie at his office with this family pictures on the cubical wall, his coffe mug and important documents.


Fun (successful) weekend

At the shows held in Bloomsburg, PA, my friend Ellen Russell (pictured with the smooth collie) asked if I would be willing to help her show her collies. She shows both smooth collies and rough collies. I said I would love to help her. Well- we had a GREAT weekend.

Friday- I showed a smooth male to Winners Dog, Ellen showed her smooth female to Winners Bitch and Best of Breed (over specials). Ellen showed a Rough male to Winners Dog and I showed a Rough female to Winners Bitch and Best of Breed. I showed Ken and Gloria's sheltie to Winners Bitch. This picture is of me and Ellen in the Herding Group where the judge pulled me and the rough collie out for placement consideration. This was the BEST day! We won all the points we were competing for!

Saturday- I showed the (same) smooth male to Winners dog and Best of Winners for a major, Ellen showed the smooth female to Winnners Bitch- which happened to finish her championship. She showed the (same) rough male to Winners dog and I showed the (same) rough bitch to Best of Breed. A sheltie that Ellen bred was Best of Breed in Shelties and I took her back into the group.
Sunday- Ellen won Best of Breed with a smooth collie special and I won Best of Opposite Sex with the female that Ellen had finished on Saturday. In Rough Collies, Ellen showed the (same) rough male to Winners dog and I showed the (same) rough bitch to Winners Bitch and Best of Breed. I showed the sheltie to Reserve Winners Bitch.

Oh- it was such a great and VERY SUCCESSFUL weekend.