Puppies, Show Low, Quill

These puppies were born on their grandpa Show Low's 9th birthday. Here is to hoping they are as successful in their ventures as he is.
On another note of success:
I got a message from Amy saying that Quill was High In Trail this past weekend. He was competeing in obedience, Open A. He has already completed the CDX so this was just a "fun" show for him. High in Trial sounds like Fun to me!!!


It's A Boy!

Faith is currently delivering her puppies. So far 3 boys*

She had me worried at one point and I even called the Vet. She had started into light labor in the afternoon. Mike came home from work early and asked how she was doing, "good, I think she will have them during dinner- let's eat early." I said. We had dinner around 5:00pm (we normally eat late) and Faith had just started having some harder contractions.

At 6:23 I started writting down her contractions- two hard ones both within 6:23, 4 contractions within 6:30, 5 contractions within 6:40..... and so it went, about every 10 minutes she would have a series of hard contractions right in a row. From 7:42-7:43 she had 13 good contractions- but no puppy. Should I call the Vet? Mike, my voice of reason said, not yet. At 8:30pm I couldn't stand it any more- I called, but got the answering service, so I had to wait for him to call me back.

He called back right away. While I was on the phone with him, the first sack appeared. Phew! I guess I just needed to let Faith know I really meant it.

Birthing takes time- but I am not very patient when it comes to labor. So much CAN go wrong during birth. I just hate to see so much effort and no result. I know, I know plenty of people have stories of being in labor for HOURS.

The first puppy was a little larger than the other two. First puppy weighed 244 grams, 2nd puppy 214 grams, 3rd puppy 208 grams. All are doing well and so is Faith. There are more to come, but I am much more relaxed- and if she wants to take a few hour break between puppies, I am OK with that now- the first one (3 actually) is out and doing fine.
* Faith had 6 puppies - 5 boys and 1 girl.


We Are Expecting!- a litter of ALL Tricolors

Acadia Sweet Home Arizona, PT "Rincon" was bred to Silvermorning's Faithful Sprite "Faith". These two are the only tricolors in my house- but SOON we will have a whole litter of little black puppies! I am very excited to meet them.
Rincon's pedigree doubles in my foundation girl Tucket. He is the grandson of both Valerie (on the dam's side) and Molly (on the sire's side).
Faith was added to our family because my friend Sharon Simpson, Icon Shelties, has a lovely bitch, Ch. LaurelGlen Icon Rising Star, ROM who was producing really lovely puppies. On multiple occasions I would go to the ASSA National and see another lovely son or daughter of "Brittney". I told Sharon that I was interested in purchasing a tricolor relative of Brittany's and she helped me find "Faith". I am so pleased with "Faith" and all of the many fine qualities she has to offer.
I know we will have puppies to share. Even if you are not interested in adding a new addition to your home, if you are interested in helping us socialize, we are always receptive to "puppy snugglers".


Valerie still smokin' at 12 years of age

Next week (on Valentines day) Valerie will be 12 years old. Today I got this message from Pam:

"This was Valerie's birthday present. It started with a broken start stay and was mr toads wild ride all the way. Her time was slow for her due to the extra time it took to spin on the teeter, take a few wild wide turns, and bark at me on the table. She hadn't been on equipment since Thanksgiving. She thinks she won the Superbowl. Pam"

The stats from this run: Excellent A 12"
SCT (Standard Course Time): 68 sec. Yards: 171
Valerie's time: 55.14 sec. score 100 She placed 2nd