I have the BEST puppy buyers

I was having some fun looking at numbers this morning and I found out that I have the BEST puppy buyers!!! Thank you!

I was looking at "statistics" for Acadia Shelties and I found that 32% of people that purchase a puppy from me train, compete and title their dogs. I am SO PROUD- not only of my dogs (OF COURSE I am proud of them), but I am proud of my buyers too.

Good breeders are always attempting to breed better dogs. The best are kept by the breeder to continue improving the gene pool, and the rest are sold to loving homes where they will be valued members of the family. Most of my pet puppies go to just that- loving homes where they are valued family members, but a few of them (32% to be exact!) get to do more! That's great because part of improvement (in my opinion) is the ability to be trained, to be socially adept enough to accept the stress of travel, competition, and repetitive training, and to come out of it successfully! The success of these dogs is what validates the manner in which I raise puppies, and my breeding program in general.



Herding Clinic was a Success!

Thank you Chris Davies for a wonderful, educational herding clinic. Everyone who attended had a good time and learned a lot. The weather could not have been better. The dogs were all very good and I was amazed at the tallent! Chris and I are working on getting another date together to do it again. I will post pictures soon.