*PACH2* Acadia One Very Special Puppy

Congratulations to Heidi Stum and "Piper" on completing the PACH 2
Rich Knecht took this beautiful photo of the new title.

Heidi has been working hard and having a lot of success.  In addition to all of her successes with Piper, she is training the young dog, "Cheer".

Cheer is now, Acadia's Quiet Cheer, ACT 1, NAJ, NA.   I am very excited that Cheer is doing so well and hopefully she will continue to be a successful partner with Heidi.


Acadia Keep Me In Mind

"Keeper" is off to a GREAT start.  She is from GCh. Acadia Presence of Mind (Cassia)'s last litter.  She has won Best of Breed over Champions twice and both times she placed in the Herding Group.  That is a really great record.   The day pictured Keeper had a Great Day.  She was being shown in the Bred-by-Exhibitor class and the show was offering a special "Best Bred-by-Exhibitor" competition.  She won the Bred-By Herding Group in addition to placing in the regular group.    I love Keeper and I am very excited to have another Cassia daughter to show.