2009- Year In Review

Rain- a daughter of Ch. Acadia Rock Solid, HT x Ch. Acadia It's My Treat. She is now owned by Phyllis Sanders.

This picture is of Eden, Cassia, Manny and Lydia at the herding test where Rocky earned his HT. They were about 8 weeks old.

Oh gosh- is it that time again? I haven’t sent out the Christmas Cards yet so how can it be New Years’ eve?

Last year when I did a year in review, I found it helpful (for myself) to see how active the dogs and their owners had been. I think it is fun to “look back”- so here goes:

The biggest event of 2009 was the celebration of my parent’s 50th Wedding Anniversary in June. My whole family met on the island of Nantucket for a week. It was a very special week that won’t be forgotten any time soon.

The second biggest event of 2009 was a change of employment. I left the Mifflin County Conservation District- who I have worked for since 2000. I am currently working for Capital RC&D as a Grazing Advisor. This was a big change and I am hoping it will prove to be a very fruitful one.

I had a few “media” experiences this year- Animal Planet aired a herding demonstration I hosted as part of the Harrisburg Kennel Club show. I had a few articles published in different publications such as Dogs In Review, Sheltie International, and Southern Sheltie Directory.

I ended my 2008 year in review with the birth of beautiful babies- and one year later I still have 4 of the 6 puppies from the Acadia King Charles x Acadia Peace of Mind litter. Three of them will continue to remain here while the 4th, Lydia, is now available to a pet home. The three that will stay are Acadia Peaceful Garden (Eden)- who has a Runner-up Best in Sweeps “under her collar” (so to speak), Acadia Presence of Mind (Cassia), and Acadia Prince of Peace (Manny). I have loved these puppies and they have provided much enjoyment all year. Yesterday they turned a year old.

Carrie passed away this year. She is deeply, deeply missed by Katie, Erin, Debbie, me and Mike. She offered so much to so many people.

We are playing host to the beautiful Am/Can Ch. Grandgables The Frat Boy. Because of him we also got to host Jean Simmonds and Carol McChandless for a night while they were breeding a lovely bitch to Brother. I LOVED having “dog guests”.

On to the successes of the dogs and their dedicated owners (titles from 2009 are in italics):

Ch. Sunburst Bright Sunny Day owned, loved, and shown by Sharon Crawford co-bred by me and born here at Acadia. She is the daughter of Ch. Acadia’s Bright Idea, RA, NA,NAJ x Ch. Sunburst Acadia Here I Come.

CH. Acadia’s Bright New Day owned and loved by my sister, Beck Kelly and her daughter Lauren Kelly- co-bred by me and Sharon Crawford, shown by me. Chip is the littermate of Sunny (above) and the third from this litter to finish.

NATCH, V-NATCH Acadia Paint the Town owned, loved, trained and trialed by Sharon Bradshaw. I know that Hannah earned many other agility titles this year and I need Sharon to send me a complete list of all these two have accomplished together (hint, hint). These two championships are a HUGE accomplishment (as all championships are-)

Acadia I Hope Ewe Can- owned, loved, trained and trailed by Sharon Bradshaw (Sharon- help!!! What are her titles?)

NATCH2 , V-NATCH2 Acadia Rally Around the Flag- owned, loved, trained and trialed by Phyllis Sanders.

Acadia Rumor Has It,S-NJS,S-NAS,S-NCS,S-TNS-N,TGS-N,S-WVS-N, S-HPS-N, S-TNS-O, TNS-E, WVS-O- owned, loved, trained and trialed by Phyllis Sanders

Linden Acadia Stacked Deck, CDX, HSAds, HSBd, HIAds- owned, loved, trained and trialed by Penny Brcich.

Acadia Aquilegia, CD, RE, MX, AXJ- owned, loved and trained by Amy

Acadia Cierra Like a Rock, RN, HT, NA, AXJ, NF, VC- Owned and loved by Merrylee and Chet Malanowski and trained and trialed by his “team” who also love and co-own him: Arlene Soderman, Penny Brcich and me! This year Nicky came to visit and brought his conformation point total brought to 9 pts.

Acadia Whatever It Takes, AX, OAJ –loved, owned, trained and trialed by Morene Brown

Acadia Angus Macphangus, CD- loved, owned and trained by John and Joan Hoffman. This brag didn’t get on the blog back in August when they accomplished this task. I got to see John, Joan and Mac at the shows in Bloomsburg this past fall. I was thrilled when John came to find me.

Acadia Sweet Home Arizona, PT- loved, owned, and trained and trailed by me.

Ch. Acadia Rock Solid, HT- loved, owned and trained and trialed by me, but loved and lives with Mary and Martin Smith.


Ads from Shelties on line

I wanted to record the ads on my website- so here is Dove, her daughter Eden, and our foundation- Carrie. Today is Eden's birthday- she is a year old. I still have her sister, Cassia and her brother, Manny. These puppies are such fun!


Am/Can. Ch. Grandgables The Frat Boy is visiting

I am overjoyed to announce that we are entertaining Am/Can. Ch. Grandgables The Frat Boy (aka: Brother). He is here being bred to both Fresca and her mother and will be available to entertain other girls next week. Click Here to go to the Grandgables webpage. Click Here to go to Brother's page on the website. Brother is sired by Am/Can. Ch. Grandgables Boy oh Boy who was Best of Opposite Sex at both the American National and the Canadian National in 2008 . Brother's mother, Am/Can. Ch. Grandgables Homecomin' Queen was Reserve Winners Bitch at the American National in 2006. This is a very exciting pedigree full of specialty winners and producers.
Brother is the sire of Laureate Epitome and Laureate Continuum- two really lovely puppies who have been winning at shows since the day they turned 6 months.

Brother won 2 specialty majors on his way to his championship. I am very excited to be hosting this fun, fun, fun dog while he is in the US. Thank you Guy and Mark for this opportunity!


New Herding Started B course- Ducks for U-Ch. Linden Acadia Stacked Deck, CDX, HIAds, HSAds, *HSBd*

Congratulations to Penny and Show Low for completing the Herding Started title on the B course (ducks). These two had completed the Herding Started title with ducks on the A course, but the B course is larger and the dog has to control and move the stock longer distances. As you can see from these pictures, Show Low has a gentle, easy way about him that allows him to control the ducks without causing them too much stress. He is such a good dog. Compare his pictures to the picture of his mother, Molly (MACH4 Acadia Color of Passion, HSAsd)- she never really had the patience Show Low demonstrates.
Show Low is sired by Herding Champion and Breed Champion Linden Danbie The Blacksmith, HXAs, NA, VCX. He (Show Low) must have gotten his sensibility from his dad.


New *NATCH*, *V-NATCH* Acadia Paint The Town

A HUGE Congratulations to Sharon and "Hannah"!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Hannah" and Sharon began the quest for the NADAC agility Championship- the NATCH- in May of 2005. "Anything worthwhile is worth working for" comes to mind when I read the message that these two accomplished both the NATCH AND the Versatility (agility) championship, the V-NATCH within one week of each other.

Sharon reported that the Chances points were the hardest to get, but she persevered and managed to get all 130 necessary points.

On the final run that completed the championship, Sharon reports that all of her friends were there to cheer her on. There is nothing like sharing an achievement.

Congratulations again.

Hannah is the daughter of Ch. Acadia Rock Solid, HT x Ch. Zion Acadia Town Heroine, CDX,PT,VCX and the litter sister of Ch. Acadia Another Story, UD, PT, NA, VCX. There were only two puppies in this litter- I would say it was a successful one!


Christmas Cookies

I can't believe that the Christmas TV specials have already aired. Well, it certainly caused me to think about Christmas preparations. I like to visit neighbors and friends and bring cookies- but not for the people- I bring cookies for the dogs! Although I LOVE to eat cookies myself, most of us eat too much at the holidays, so making cookies for the dogs was a perfect way for me to keep the holiday spirit (and tradition of baking), without the added calories.

I have have collected a few different size bone shaped cookie cutters. I love to make dog cookies.

I brush a little egg on top to give them a nice glaze. Dogs just love the cookies.

Thanks Bernadette- here is the recipe:
This was published in the 1986 (yes- that is the right date) AKC Gazette. I have been making these cookies for over 20 years!
Oatmeal-Wheat Germ Biscuits:
3 cups whole wheat or rye flour
3 cups oatmeal
1/2 cup regular wheat germ
6 tablespoons melted bacon drippings or margarine
1/4 cup molasses
1 cup evaporated milk
1 cup water
a) mix the dry ingredients together. Add remaining ingredients and blend until well mixed. Dough will be stiff.
b) chill for 1/2 hour. Take rounded teaspoons of dough and roll into balls
c) flatten and place on lightly greased cookie sheet
d) bake at 300 degrees for 1 hour.

We use bacon drippings. I keep a ceramic crock in my fridge just for the drippings to make these cookies. I take out 6 table spoons and put them in a ceramic bowl and heat that in the microwave to melt the drippings. If you do this- be VERY careful as the bowl gets VERY hot and hot grease can burn if it splashes on your skin, so use a hot mitt to get the hot bowl out of the microwave.


The post Thanksgiving meal walk


Tip for the Holidays: A safe Thanksgiving meal

Thanksgiving is almost here and as always one of the many things I am thankful for is a life full of dogs. On this National holiday when family and friends come together to share a big meal, I like to give the dogs a special meal too. Their special meal will NOT include the fatty leftovers from the turkey, gravy or a lot of butter! I will be sure to tell my relatives that although they may want to be kind to the dogs and share- today is off limits! When I worked for a Vet I remember dogs coming in after the holidays suffering from acute pancreatitis.

The pancreas aids in the digestion of fats (as well as starches and proteins), but when overly taxed, it can become inflamed and release excessive enzymes causing inflammation and what amounts to the digestion of the organ itself. Signs of pancreatitis include vomiting, diarrhea, and not eating-but if your dog exhibits these signs, a Vet will need to determine if it is pancreatitis. This condition can be very serious and may require hospitalization. The best way to avoid this dangerous side effect of “holiday cheer” is to give your dogs the less fatty items.

I hope I don’t have to mention that the cooked bones of the turkey are a HUGE NO NO!! As I have mentioned in a past post, cooked bones are very dangerous. Poultry bones are some of the most dangerous as they are brittle and splinter easily. They are very likely to perforate the intestines.

As I know that this day will be busy and food will be in the kitchen unattended and the trash can may be full to the brink of plastic wrap, aluminum foil, turkey bones and other hazardous items, the kitchen will be off limits to the dogs. Normally they are in the kitchen while we cook, but not on holidays.

My dogs’ menu will include the turkey neck (RAW), a small amount of cook white meat turkey (no skin) a few slices of sweet potato (cooked as a whole potato then sliced- no butter, no brown sugar added) and a brussel sprout or two. If you feed kibble and want to add some fat free chicken broth for flavor, I am sure they would say thank you.
Happy Thanksgiving.


Leaf raking chores- leaf pile jumping is not just for kids anymore

Dickens is on the left, Leah is on the right

Look carefully- they are both in all three pictures.

Leah and Dickens are 1/2 bother and sister on the sire's side. Leah is a half sister to Ch. Genna on the Dam's side- their mother is Ch. Acadia's Rare Treat

Thanks to the Murphy's for sending such fun pictures of these two.


What's for Dinner?

This past week I have gotten multiple questions about food. I do feed my dogs dry commercial dog food. We feed Eukanuba Adult Maintenance. They also get a A LOT of fresh food. Just over a decade ago I read the book Foods Pets Die For: Shocking Facts about Pet Food, by Ann N. Martin (NewSage Press). I was appalled. When I was done reading that book, I went and bought every book I could get my hands on about nutrition. I went the homemade diet routine, but (and I hate to admit it) it became too labor intensive and I went back to my ‘ol standby commercial dog food. I still don’t think it is the best thing for them, but when time is tight, I know that at least they have eaten. We feed them twice a day- ½ cup each feeding. We are not consistant about any of the other things I am going to say. When I say "a lot"- I don't mean daily or even weekly. We tend to be just like the seasonal harvest- a lot- all at once- then- nothing. At least for a while, and something will happen and the bounty starts again.

Fruits and Vegetables
As you know, we live on a farm. One of the benefits of farms- fresh, real food. This year when I accidently left the peas in the fridge, past the point of dealing with them, I cooked them all at once and fed them to the dogs (but not all at once). The yard the dogs play in has an orchard. The dogs LOVE the fallen apples and pears. One year I made a mistake of checking on the ripeness of the peaches when the dogs were out playing and the next day all of the peaches on the lower branches were GONE. I know the “word on the street” is that grapes (and also raisins) are toxic to dogs- but try telling that to Tucket. She LOVED to eat the grapes off the arbor and was never sick a day in her life. They eat as much ripe fruit as they would like. Mid fall their stools look like "apple mash".
We had pigs (don’t anymore) and I had made arrangements with our local grocery store to pick up the produce they would be throwing away each day to feed to the pigs. One day there were boxes of bananas that were just at the PERFECT ripeness. The dogs seemed interested so I offered a few to the dogs and was extremely surprised at how veraciously they ate them- peel and all. I fed them bananas for a few days- it was like they just couldn’t get enough and then one day, they said, they had had enough and weren’t interested anymore. I attribute that to a nutrient deficiency that the bananas were satisfying and when that deficiency had been satisfied, their body told them they didn’t need to eat the bananas anymore.
Fruits and vegetables are very good for the dogs. Don’t be afraid to share.

Meats and BONES
Of course our dogs get a lot of lamb meat. We direct market meat for human consumption. When we have an animal butchered we keep all the organ meats unless the buyer asks for them. We don’t advertise the organ meat as part of what you get when you buy “whole lamb”. Our dogs get the organ meat. We feed this to them raw. We give them the liver, kidney and heart. Organ meat is an important component to feeding dogs a raw diet, but giving ONLY organ meats can be just as bad. Each year it is time for a few adult sheep to leave our farm. Rather than getting paid pennies on the pound, we have them butchered for the dogs. This gives us plenty of muscle meat too. They also get bones. Bones are very, very, very good for dogs.
The benefits of bones (RAW – NEVER COOKED)
Before we start on bones, I have to reemphasize that bones should ONLY be given to your dog when they are RAW. Cooked bones can be DANGEROUS. Cooked bones are potentially fatal. They become brittle and can splinter and a whole host of other really bad things. So- only feed RAW bones and we are set to move on.
Really, bones have it all. Not only are they exceptionally nutritious, dogs enjoy the process of eating them. I think of bones in two categories. Food supplemental bones and recreational bones. Food supplemental bones are things like rib bones, or other smaller bones the dogs can actually eat all of. Recreational bones are things like cow femurs and other very large bones. Luckily, lambs provide mostly food supplemental bones. The marrow in bones provides all the important blood forming nutrients a dog needs. They also contain protein, all the minerals a dog needs, vitamins and essential fatty acids.
Feeding bones also provides a dog with “something to do” and while they are at it, they are cleaning their teeth. I like to give bones to the dogs in the late fall and on winter days when the ground is frozen , but without snow. I don’t need to worry about ants, flies, or meat bees bothering the dogs. They get bones other times of the year, but I just like the "no bugs" part of late fall/winter.
Bottom line
Meat, bones, fruits, vegetables, yogurt, cheese- all YES. Feed them as much fresh raw food as you would like. As they say, variety is the spice of life. I think the dogs appreciate a varied diet too- and I am SURE they are healthier for it. One word of caution- when you feed them a lot of protein, they might have runny stools. I love the stools they have following bones- they are white and chalky and fully formed. Bones are good.

Oh- and (as if just by coincidence) Mike is going to the butcher tomorrow to pick up meat we had done for the dogs. I have WAY to much for my dog and I would love to sell some of it. We are working with a different butcher than the one we normally do (he was booked for the next 3 months) and Mike forgot to mention we want our bones too. I doubt this butcher will have those for us this time, but we will have lots of muscle meat and organ meat. We do ship- any takers?



Available: Shasta is a year and half and is looking for a forever home. She would make a GREAT pet for a home with active children. She dose not nip heals or do other "herding" type behavior, but she is active and loves to be involved with active games. She is not dominant or aggressive in any way- she is happy and fun loving. She MUST have a fenced yard. If you think she would be a good fit for your family, email me at acadiashelties@verizon.net and put "Shasta" in the subject line.


Happy Halloween!

Karen and Charlie Brown


If today is your birthday....................

Do you read your horoscope? I find that around my birthday I suddenly become interested in my horoscope- but not the rest of the year. For some reason this year I went to lots of different astrology websites to see how “generic” they sounded. One of them I read had me convinced that the person who wrote it had been a scorned lover of a Scorpio. I read it to my husband saying, “honey, listen to this- it is awful. This makes Scorpio’s sound terrible.” I read it to him- and he said, “what do you mean- it sounds like you!” Oh Ouch!

Today is my birthday and Merry’s birthday (Acadia Sunburst Merry and Bright). After reading a bunch of descriptions I decided that Yes- dogs follow the zodiac signs as well. I think that Merry and I do have a lot in common. I love Merry, but she is intense and can be stubborn. I won’t incriminate myself anymore by telling you about Merry- but I will say that Payson, who was born October 17 - is a Libra through and through. He is peace-loving, sociable, and has an almost innocent way about him that makes him very approachable. Always this time of year I look to astrology and think, “how odd that we can be so predictable.” Then I think, “I wish I was a Sagittarius”.


This couldn't wait one more minute.............

That was the email subject line from Heidi about Piper. Here was her message. Thank you Heidi !!!!

In her debut at Dauphin Dog Training Club's October Agility Trial 10/24 and 10/25, Acadia's One Very Special Puppy went two for two taking
a 1st place with a perfect score of 100 on Sat, and a 2nd place with a perfect score of 100 on Sun - both were in novice jumpers w/weaves!

I had no intention of showing her so soon but when she ran an intermediate course in training better than Zoe who has been doing this for
years, I needed to see what she could do. I had no expectations - anticipated bar crashing, off course, saying hi to the judge - and
what I got instead was my baby girl showing like she has been doing this for years. Her weave pole entrances both days were off and I'm
crediting that to nerves but I actually was able to do two rear crosses with her.
She is definitely not ready for the standard ring as she and the a-frame haven't bonded yet but at least we can work on the jumpers
and get that out of the way. Unfortunately all my sitting on her back only brought her shoulders down by 1/2 inch and she's
measuring 14 1/2 so I'm going to run her preferred. I want her to have longevity in agility and I don't think running her at 16" is
the way to go.

She had fun, I had fun and I can't wait to run her again in April! I'll tell you what -- she IS one very special puppy and always will be!!!

Thanks for my GREAT show dog and companion!

The same day I got this email message from Morene about WIT:

Hi Cadie, Sue took WIT to an AKC herding trial this weekend. He was competing in both Sheep and Ducks. He qualified on all 4 runs; however, he didn't have high enough scores in Sheep to earn any Championship points. Sue said there were about 20 dogs in the Advanced class. The good news is this was his first trial on ducks, and he q'd both runs. Now he only needs one more Duck leg for his HX which will increase his opportunities to earn points. Next weekend they're running in an AHBA trial. Morene

(did you notice that Morene said this is his FIRST trial on ducks- and he is competing at the Herding Excellent (HX) level!!! They did this with his sheep title too. They just started at the top. When you live in an area were there are VERY FEW trials, it makes sense to just train and when you get to the top level, trial.)


A lovely day

I think these two pictures of are so funny. Manny is oblivious to Eden and Charlie behind him. What ever Manny is looking at (the rams) has really got is attention.



This past week was extremely busy.
Nancy Runyon (Foxcroft shelties) drove all night from Kentucky to breed her (almost herding champion) bitch Sara Lee to Canyon. She arrived at my house at 6:00am on Tuesday. While she was here she gave me some pointers on herding. I really enjoyed her visit.

Charlie Brown was also here for the week to breed a Ch. bitch owned by Nancy Porta (Jana shelties). The pictures in this entry are of Charlie and Dove and their puppies- Cassia, Eden, Manny. Charlie is on the end. He is the one who comes running towards the camera.

Then finally Mike and I were preparing for the Mid Atlantic Hair Sheep Breeders sale. This event was on Saturday. Sunday we were still cleaning up from the sale and then Gary and Karen came to pick up Charlie and Nancy came to pick up her bitch.


It Poured!!!

Yesterday Mike and I hosted the Mid Atlantic Hair Sheep Breeders Sale. It POURED. Our home rain gauge said we got 2.5 inches in 4 hours. I talked to a man in another county who said he got 4.5 inches!! Needless to say, our event was not as well attended as we wished it would be. More info on this event can be found at www.ewewin.wordpress.com
Today- a completely new day. It was sunny and warm. Oh well, we can't control the weather.


Show Low

Show Low is an amazing dog. This picture shows a controlled, confident dog moving the sheep in a quite and easy manner. That is what herding is all about- moving livestock in a controlled manner. That really is all it is. Young and inexperienced dogs are often out of control and it takes time, training, and wisdom on the part of the dog to learn what level of energy is appropriate. The faster that understanding is come to, the better the dog. Show Low understands what is needed to move stock. Good dog Show Low.


New MX title: Acadia Aquilegia, CD,RE,*MX*,AXJ

Amy and Quill have just complete the requirements for the Master Agility (MX) title. This past weekend, Pam called to tell me about Amy and Quill's big day. They got another Double Q (which means they qualified in both the standard and jumpers classes on the same day). When you are competing at this level of competition, the dog is not allowed to have ANY mistakes and still qualify. A "mistake" is something the DOG dose wrong- not the handler. The handler can have all of the mistakes they want- AS LONG AS the DOG dose it right! Pam called to tell me that the courses were very complicated, and during one of the runs, Amy forgot the course. Quill came over and sat down next to Amy while she gathered her thoughts and remembered where to go next. Amy was able to remember and the two of them continued on - completing the course in under the time allowed! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

I must admit, last year I was out in Calif. judging a specialty sweepstakes and visiting Pam and Amy. Pam had asked me if I wanted to run Valerie in agility- which I accepted. I got lost on one of the courses and there was NO WAY I was going to recover. Valerie had just completed a beautiful set of weaves and I looked up and all I saw was a sea of jumps. So...... Amy- I am SO IMPRESSED that you were able to figure it out- KUDOS to you!


Happy 11th Birthday Ch. Acadia's Bright Idea, RA,NA,NAJ and Ch. Acadia Rock Solid, HT

Today is Payson and Rocky's 11th birthday. These two boys are the BEST! Payson (Ch. Acadia's Bright Idea, RA, NA,NAJ) was my first homebred Champion. I showed him to all of his points, including a 5 point major awarded by Mrs. Patti Long Smith on the VERY competitive Wine Country Circuit. Payson began his show career the year we moved to PA. I had never been to ANY of the shows (meaning location) we attended and we had quite an adventure. He minored out quickly and then I had the headache of looking for majors. Everyone said, "there will be majors at Wine Country."- so I entered.

The Wine Country circuit is 4 days- Thursday - Monday. I packed my van on Tuesday night and on Wednesday I got in to leave, but the van wouldn't start. Battery problem? No. I called AAA. While I waited for them to arrive, I unpacked my van. They took it to a repair shop and I waited..... and waited..... and waited...... finally they called and said, "we need parts- you won't get it back this weekend."

I called a rent-a-car company and they told me they only had one passenger van and it was out, but due back that day, but then they would have to clean it. The earliest I could have it would be Thursday (first day of shows). Well, what are you going to do- Ok.

Thursday late morning I got the van, took out the passenger seats, packed it up, and headed out on our 4 1/2 hour drive. Friday I groomed Payson up and headed to the ring. It seemed that every "big" handler on the east coast was there! and me and my one dog! Payson WON that day! It was a 4 pt. major- 1 dog short of 5 points.

Saturday I groomed at the van. I had the slide door open the whole time I was grooming. We headed to the ring to find there were a few more dogs that day and it was a solid 5 points. Again, Payson WON! OH MY GOSH! I thought- then I thought- Hey- I can leave today and save a whole day of rental on this van!!
We got our pictures taken, repacked the van, got in to leave- the battery was dead! The whole time the slide door was open, the dome light was on and it drained the battery.

Luckily there was a tow truck on the show grounds, so it didn't take long for them to come jump the van (it seems that no one else had jumper cables) then I floated home. We went, showed 2 days, won both- went home. All of these years later (that was in 2001) I still remember that weekend clearly.


My Farm Blog

Today I started a blog on Wordpress for my Farm, Ewe Win. I like the look, but I think that blogspot is more "user friendly" Go check it out (and add it to your Follower list!) www.ewewin.wordpress.com


Earliest local snowfall on record

Yesterday it started snowing!

The seasons are all mixed together- garden flags in the spring, biking in the summer, pumpkins for fall, and SNOW!!!!!!!!

When the weather is cold and wet- take a Nap!

Unless you are a sheep.


New Herding Intermediate Sheep Title: U-Ch. Linden Acadia Stacked Deck,CDX, HIAd, **HIAs**

Penny writes:
"What a great herding weekend at Judi Bigham's in Nova, OH Such nice people, such nice livestock! This weekend was the Detroit Sheltie Club's herding trial, there were a ton of shelties! On Saturday, they had a local priest come out for a blessing of the animals - it was the feast of St. Francis this weekend. He blessed all the dogs, the ducks and the sheep!

Then Show Low was first place in Intermediate Sheep! So I guess the blessing worked!

The judge on Sunday was Linda Rorem from CA. She did a small clinic on Monday, it was really great. Very appropriate for shelties. (You don't find that often!)

There was a photographer taking lots of pictures, he will be mailing me a disk. There are some good ones!

I am so glad to finish this title, he really deserved it, he's such an awesome herding dog.


Show Low had already earned the HI (herding Intermediate) title on ducks, but each type of livestock is very different. His title abrevations will look like this HIAds- which means, (HI) Herding Intermediate on the (A) course (there are 3 different courses, A, B, C with AKC) d= ducks s=sheep meaning he has accomplished this level on this course with both ducks and sheep



While the poll us still active I didn't want to post anything else. I wanted the poll to be the focus. A lot has happened in a week and half and now I feel like I have a million things to post. Of course I am also writing (in typical slow fashion) about the poll results. I hope to get that done this week.
In the meantime-
I LOVE to hear from you guys:
LaDawn sent me this email: THANK YOU>
Hi Cadie,

Thought I would forward you a couple pictures of Chance. He is such a beautiful good boy. He turned 3 in September. It seems just like yesterday I was bringing this little bundle of energy home to be a "huge" part of our lives. He has truly filled the empty nest.



Quick poll questions

On the right hand side bar I have a new 2 question quick poll. If you are pet purchaser- answer the questions- if you raise dogs, don't. If you raise dogs- here is a link to a 10 question survey. As I stated earlier, I am working on a post about costs. I would like to see the what people who raise dogs vs. people who purchase dogs have to say about this subject.

Your link to the survey if you raise dogs is Click Here to take survey


Sharon at the NADAC Agility Championships

Sharon Bradshaw is a repeat customer. This past weekend she was at the NADAC agility Championships with Hope ( Acadia I Hope You Can) and Hannah (Acadia Paint the Town). Both girls were entered in 2 classes. Hope placed 7th in her Jumpers class! WhoooHooo!

Hannah just needs 1 more Q in the Chances class to complete the NADAC championship title- the NATCH. Best of luck to you both. I am looking forward to announcing a new NADAC agility Champion.

Hannah is the litter sister to Ch. Acadia Another Story, UD, PT, VCX (sired by Ch. Acadia Rock Solid, HT out of Ch. Zion Acadia Town Heroine, CDX, PT, VCX). There were only two puppies in this litter- so it was quite a successful one!


My Favorite Month

I love October. I love the fall colors, the fall temperatures, the crackle in air. I love crows, and pumpkins, and apple pie. I love the smell of fall. October also happens to be my birthday month. These past few days have felt more like the end of October than the beginning, but I know differently and I won't rush through my favorite month.