This couldn't wait one more minute.............

That was the email subject line from Heidi about Piper. Here was her message. Thank you Heidi !!!!

In her debut at Dauphin Dog Training Club's October Agility Trial 10/24 and 10/25, Acadia's One Very Special Puppy went two for two taking
a 1st place with a perfect score of 100 on Sat, and a 2nd place with a perfect score of 100 on Sun - both were in novice jumpers w/weaves!

I had no intention of showing her so soon but when she ran an intermediate course in training better than Zoe who has been doing this for
years, I needed to see what she could do. I had no expectations - anticipated bar crashing, off course, saying hi to the judge - and
what I got instead was my baby girl showing like she has been doing this for years. Her weave pole entrances both days were off and I'm
crediting that to nerves but I actually was able to do two rear crosses with her.
She is definitely not ready for the standard ring as she and the a-frame haven't bonded yet but at least we can work on the jumpers
and get that out of the way. Unfortunately all my sitting on her back only brought her shoulders down by 1/2 inch and she's
measuring 14 1/2 so I'm going to run her preferred. I want her to have longevity in agility and I don't think running her at 16" is
the way to go.

She had fun, I had fun and I can't wait to run her again in April! I'll tell you what -- she IS one very special puppy and always will be!!!

Thanks for my GREAT show dog and companion!

The same day I got this email message from Morene about WIT:

Hi Cadie, Sue took WIT to an AKC herding trial this weekend. He was competing in both Sheep and Ducks. He qualified on all 4 runs; however, he didn't have high enough scores in Sheep to earn any Championship points. Sue said there were about 20 dogs in the Advanced class. The good news is this was his first trial on ducks, and he q'd both runs. Now he only needs one more Duck leg for his HX which will increase his opportunities to earn points. Next weekend they're running in an AHBA trial. Morene

(did you notice that Morene said this is his FIRST trial on ducks- and he is competing at the Herding Excellent (HX) level!!! They did this with his sheep title too. They just started at the top. When you live in an area were there are VERY FEW trials, it makes sense to just train and when you get to the top level, trial.)

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