New MX title: Acadia Aquilegia, CD,RE,*MX*,AXJ

Amy and Quill have just complete the requirements for the Master Agility (MX) title. This past weekend, Pam called to tell me about Amy and Quill's big day. They got another Double Q (which means they qualified in both the standard and jumpers classes on the same day). When you are competing at this level of competition, the dog is not allowed to have ANY mistakes and still qualify. A "mistake" is something the DOG dose wrong- not the handler. The handler can have all of the mistakes they want- AS LONG AS the DOG dose it right! Pam called to tell me that the courses were very complicated, and during one of the runs, Amy forgot the course. Quill came over and sat down next to Amy while she gathered her thoughts and remembered where to go next. Amy was able to remember and the two of them continued on - completing the course in under the time allowed! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

I must admit, last year I was out in Calif. judging a specialty sweepstakes and visiting Pam and Amy. Pam had asked me if I wanted to run Valerie in agility- which I accepted. I got lost on one of the courses and there was NO WAY I was going to recover. Valerie had just completed a beautiful set of weaves and I looked up and all I saw was a sea of jumps. So...... Amy- I am SO IMPRESSED that you were able to figure it out- KUDOS to you!

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