New Herding Intermediate Sheep Title: U-Ch. Linden Acadia Stacked Deck,CDX, HIAd, **HIAs**

Penny writes:
"What a great herding weekend at Judi Bigham's in Nova, OH Such nice people, such nice livestock! This weekend was the Detroit Sheltie Club's herding trial, there were a ton of shelties! On Saturday, they had a local priest come out for a blessing of the animals - it was the feast of St. Francis this weekend. He blessed all the dogs, the ducks and the sheep!

Then Show Low was first place in Intermediate Sheep! So I guess the blessing worked!

The judge on Sunday was Linda Rorem from CA. She did a small clinic on Monday, it was really great. Very appropriate for shelties. (You don't find that often!)

There was a photographer taking lots of pictures, he will be mailing me a disk. There are some good ones!

I am so glad to finish this title, he really deserved it, he's such an awesome herding dog.


Show Low had already earned the HI (herding Intermediate) title on ducks, but each type of livestock is very different. His title abrevations will look like this HIAds- which means, (HI) Herding Intermediate on the (A) course (there are 3 different courses, A, B, C with AKC) d= ducks s=sheep meaning he has accomplished this level on this course with both ducks and sheep

Sheltie Owner  – (October 18, 2009 at 2:55:00 PM PDT)  

Way to go, Daddy!
Acadia One No Trump, Mike.

Congrats on your herding titles. Looks like fun.

Bonnie Frank

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