New NAJ- Acadia Catcher In The Rye, CDX, *NAJ*

Dr. Amy Scheiner and Mr. Speed demon- "Rory" completed the NAJ title on Saturday at the Oriole Dog Training Club trial in Timonium, MD. Rory successfully completed the course in 21 seconds! He posted the fastest time, all dogs, all height divisions! WOW! Way to go Rory! He also has 2 legs towards the NA title. I look forward to giving an update on him again soon.

This photographer needed to have a quick trigger finger to get a picture of speedy Rory!


NATCH & V-NATCH Acadia Rally Around The Flag

Phyllis Sanders reports that "Rally" completed the Agility Champion and Versatility Champion titles in NADAC this past weekend. This is VERY exciting and Very big news.
All championships take a lot of dedication. Thank you Phyllis for working so hard to achieve this status.
Congratulations to Phyllis and Rally!
Rally is the son of Ch. Acadia's Bright Idea, RA, NA, NAJ x Acadia Sweet Emotion, AX, AXJ, PT, OF


Acadia Aquilegia, OAJ, NA, *RN* & 1/3 CD

Amy reports that at Quill's first attempt in Novice B obedience, he placed 2nd with a score of 197 (out of a possible 200). That is a VERY impressive score! Three "legs" are needed for the CD title. One down, 2 to go.

At the same trial, he placed second in Novice Rally with a perfect score. This can happen in Rally because not only is the dog and hander team scored on performance, but they are timed as well. A dog with the same score, but a better time wins.

In Amy and Quill's other two Novice Rally attempts they had perfect scores and 2 1st places.

Congratulations Amy and Quill!


Thank You Heather Walton

Heather Walton (Aberdale shelties) allowed me to lease her lovely bitch, Ruby Heart Aberdale Neuvella- call name-Sparkle, to breed to Canyon. On Christmas Eve she delivered two lovely, healthy puppies- one boy and one girl. Sparkle is a wonderful mother. She is very attentive to her puppies. These puppies began nursing the second they were dried off (I have always valued strong, healthy puppies). These pictures are of Sparkle and they were taken by Heather- they are Not to be copied without her permission.