Office Humor: Dr. Tom Ballestero (UNH) explains Natural Stream Design to Toonie

Toonie asks, "Aren't all streams Natural?"

No, people have been manipulating streams to reduce floods, move them to "more convenient" locations, or even put them in pipes underground to "get them out of the way"

Dr. Tom Ballestero from the University of New Hampshire* showed Toonie a stream in Belleville, PA that had formerly been channelized and had a paved parking lot in the location the two are meeting. A lot of effort went into restoring this stream to a more "natural" state and now it is even growing a riparian buffer!

Even PhD's pick up after their canine companions (thanks Dr. Tom)

* UNH is Cadie's Alma mater- and it only stands to reason that she would also want the best education for Toonie too. Dr. Ballestero was visiting Penn State University and agreed to meet Toonie to look at project sites in Mifflin County, PA.


Show Puppy For Sale- SOLD

"Sprite" is a tri-factored sable sired by Acadia On My Mind (Canyon) out of Excaliber Acadia Kiara's Reign (Kiara). Sprite is outgoing, confident and fun. She is available to a show home. If you are interested in more information, contact me and write "Sprite" in the subject line.


Belle's puppies herding.

Here are some more pictures from Peggy Crawford- and a little of a note she wrote to me about them.

"Thank you again for the good wishes. I can tell you that these puppies have been fun. They are very spoiled but lots of fun. Jane this weekend really impressed people. I heard people say she has a border collie outrun lift and fetch. She is very interested in the stock."

The tri with the white collar is Sister. The plain tri is Jane, and the sable is Bitty.

Some of these pictures look like these kids can be quite wild, but what do you expect from a year old sheltie?

*I didn't cut the heads off of Peggy and Becky!


3 HT titles for kids of Acadia Sweet Necessity, RN, HT

Last summer Peggy & Robert Crawford leased Acadia Sweet Necessity (Belle) to have a litter with their lovely boy Ch. Peggin All Wheel Drive, RA, AX, AXJ, *HS* VCX (Shea-the sable in the picture on the right). While Belle was visiting the Peggin Sheltie gang, she earned both the Herding Tested (HT) and the Rally Novice (RN) title. I was so excited that Peggy did that with Belle.
Now I am THRILLED that Peggy announced that 3 (of the 4) puppies got HT titles themselves this past weekend (the 4th lives in TX). They are JUST 1 YEAR OLD (born 9/8/07). Just as exciting is that Peggy convinced Becky that she could handle her own puppy to this challenge and Becky got HER first AKC title! Congratulations all around.

The picture on the left is of Peggy Crawford (left) judge (?) and Becky (right) with all of the ribbons. The dogs (left to right) are Jane, Shea (in the back), Bitty (sable in front) and Sister (Becky's tri daughter)
The picture on the right is Becky and Sister, the judge Carol Wolfram (center), and Peggy and Shea. Shea was Reserve High In Trail that day. Congratulations to all.
Belle is also the mother of the lovely Acadia Sweet Home Arizona (Rincon) who is doing his share of herding here in PA.

Belle is now retired and living with 2 young (human) kids of her own in central PA.


9/9/08 Birthday Wishes

Yesterday I posted a message- but Forgot to say Happy 1st Birthday to Rosalie's puppies.
If you have pictures of these guys, please send them along and I will post a them.


New Outstanding Novice Tunnelers Title for Rumor

Phyllis reports that Acadia Rumor Has It, O-TN-N ("Rumor") completed the Outstanding Novice Tunnelers title in NADAC agility and earned a Novice Chances, Regular and Jumpers leg at the fun-raiser in Gillette.

NATCH & V-NATCH Acadia Rally Around the Flag, NAJ, Superior Novice Versiatility, Superior Open Versalitity, Outstanding Elite Versatility, Canine Good Citizen ,(pictured) qualified in Elite Regular 3 times.

I am proud of Phyllis, Rumor and Rally and I am so pleased that Phyllis has two Acadia Shelties.


New RN for Acadia Livana Heirloom Jewels, *RN*

Lizzy and Luann completed the 3rd leg of the Rally Novice title today with a score of 97 (out of a possible 100)! CONGRATULATIONS! Luann claims that the two of them are really having fun and she is going to go on and continue training Lizzy.