Office Humor: Dr. Tom Ballestero (UNH) explains Natural Stream Design to Toonie

Toonie asks, "Aren't all streams Natural?"

No, people have been manipulating streams to reduce floods, move them to "more convenient" locations, or even put them in pipes underground to "get them out of the way"

Dr. Tom Ballestero from the University of New Hampshire* showed Toonie a stream in Belleville, PA that had formerly been channelized and had a paved parking lot in the location the two are meeting. A lot of effort went into restoring this stream to a more "natural" state and now it is even growing a riparian buffer!

Even PhD's pick up after their canine companions (thanks Dr. Tom)

* UNH is Cadie's Alma mater- and it only stands to reason that she would also want the best education for Toonie too. Dr. Ballestero was visiting Penn State University and agreed to meet Toonie to look at project sites in Mifflin County, PA.

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