Acadia's Bright New Day is Winners Dog, Best of Winners, Best of Opposite sex over specials

Yesterday "Chip" gave the specials a run for their money! He was Winners Dog at the Mountaineer KC under judge Mr. Lester Mapes who came VERY CLOSE to awarding Chip Best of Breed. In the end, Chip was Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex over the male special, but Mr. Mapes did award Best of Breed to a bitch special. When Chip and I came out of the ring, a number of handlers commented that Chip is going to make a great special. He is such a great show dog and he has so much attitude. I love showing this dog and I look forward to his next Best of Breed win where he will once again get to shine in the group ring.

[an explanation for non-show people. Once a dog has completed the necessary requirements for the AKC championship, they can still be shown and this is referred to as a "special". Show people will say, "we are specialling this dog", or "he is my special". This means the dog is already a champion and is competing only for Best of Breed. They do not compete against non-champions (referred to as "class dogs"). The goal of "specialing" a dog is to compete at the Group level. For more information on how dog shows work, go to the AKC website.]


New Canadian Champion Grandgables Acadia Accolade

Allie wins her final point under judge Bart Miller. Allie was handled by her breeder, Guy Jeavons who reports that Mr. Miller "actually felt heads, looked for depth of skull, assessed shoulders, etc, etc." Thank you Mr. Miller for really examining the dogs. Thank you Guy and Mark for allowing me to share such a quality bitch with you. Allie is Canadian Champion #54 for her sire Am/Can. Ch. Apple Acres Expedition.

Allie will be bred to Am/Can. Ch. Grandgables Boy Oh Boy when she comes into season this summer. This year BoyBoy was Best of Opposite sex at both the American Shetland Sheepdog Association (ASSA) National Speciality and the Canadian Shetland Sheepdog Association (CSSA) National Specialty.


Happy Flag Day

Picture of Chance sent from LeDawn.


Acadia's Bright New Day wins Best of Breed

On Saturday, at the Bryn Mawr Kennel Club, Acadia's Bright New Day, was Winners Dog, Best of Winners, and Best of Breed under judge Steven Hubbell. This was Chip's first Best of Breed and he LOVED showing in the Group ring. This dog has so much personality, and so much presence. He really looked great in the Group.
Thank you Mr. Hubbell for giving Chip the opportunity to shine.
[I apologize to Mr. Hubbell for cutting him off, but I looked so bad I felt it necessary.-sorry]


Acadia Christmas Eve at 5 months side movement


Quoted on "Shelties On Line"

Each week, I, like many sheltie nuts, visit the website to see who has ads, who won what, and read the quote in the right hand corner. This week I WAS QUOTED!!!!!!!!

I find that SO THRILLING!!!!!! THANK YOU SHELTIES ON LINE. I urge everyone to go to the website, but since you are here, this is the quote they used,

I really love my dogs and one way I express that love is to train them. I feel that training strengthens the bonds of friendship in ways that truly allow them to become your "best friends."
-- Cadie Pruss, Acadia
SOURCE: Sheltie Pacesetter, Summer 2005, p.15


Acadia's Bright New Day is WD for 2 more points

"Chip" was WD at the Trumbull County Kennel Club under judge Walter Sommerfelt. Chip is a littermate to Sunburst Bright Sunny Day and Ch. Sunburst Bright Lights. I am so excited at the possibility of a 3 champion litter. This litter is the product of breeding Ch. Acadia's Bright Idea, RA, NA, NAJ (Payson) to Ch. Sunburst Acadia Here I Come (Carrie). Carrie has one champion daughter (Ch. Acadia's Rare Treat) and a pointed son (Acadia Cierra Like a Rock, HT, OAJ, NA) from previous breedings.
The ASSA has a special designation for females that produce 5 or more champions- and that is the Register of Merit (ROM) award. It is my goal that Carrie achieve this special status.


Sunburst Bright Sunny Day wins 5 point Specialty Major

Congratulations to Sharon Crawford, Sunburst Shelties, for winning Winners Bitch with Sunburst Bright Sunny Day for a 5 point major at the Shetland Sheepdog Club of Anchorage Show under breeder/judge Linda Churchill. Linda commented that she loved Sunny's head planes and the fact that her front legs were under her body!
This is the second major for Sunny and brings her point total to 13- just 2 more points to the CH! Sunny is a daughter of Ch. Acadia's Bright Idea, RA, NA, NAJ out of Ch. Sunburst Acadia Here I Come.


NEW Herding Intermediate Title!

It is now U-Ch. Linden Acadia Stacked Deck, CDX, HSAs, *HIAd*, JHD, HRD1, HTAD1

HIAd= Herding Intermediate, A course, ducks

Way to Go Penny and Show Low. Penny is not new to herding- but this is her first time training beyond the Herding Started title. Not because she hasn't tried! - but because it is difficult and takes a special dog with real desire to work through all of the training challenges.

To make it even more special, Dr. Sherry Lee was the judge for Show Low's final leg. Dr. Sherry Lee is Linden shelties. She had leased Show Low's mother, MACH 4 Acadia Color of Passion, HSAds to breed to her Duel champion (breed champion & herding Champion) DC Linden Danbie The Blacksmith, HXAs, NA, VCX which resulted in this fabulous dog, Show Low.