Acadia's Bright New Day is Winners Dog, Best of Winners, Best of Opposite sex over specials

Yesterday "Chip" gave the specials a run for their money! He was Winners Dog at the Mountaineer KC under judge Mr. Lester Mapes who came VERY CLOSE to awarding Chip Best of Breed. In the end, Chip was Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex over the male special, but Mr. Mapes did award Best of Breed to a bitch special. When Chip and I came out of the ring, a number of handlers commented that Chip is going to make a great special. He is such a great show dog and he has so much attitude. I love showing this dog and I look forward to his next Best of Breed win where he will once again get to shine in the group ring.

[an explanation for non-show people. Once a dog has completed the necessary requirements for the AKC championship, they can still be shown and this is referred to as a "special". Show people will say, "we are specialling this dog", or "he is my special". This means the dog is already a champion and is competing only for Best of Breed. They do not compete against non-champions (referred to as "class dogs"). The goal of "specialing" a dog is to compete at the Group level. For more information on how dog shows work, go to the AKC website.]

MagiC  – (June 23, 2008 at 10:26:00 AM PDT)  

Congratulations to Chip and Cadie! We think Chip has a brilliant future in the ring.

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