New *NATCH*, *V-NATCH* Acadia Paint The Town

A HUGE Congratulations to Sharon and "Hannah"!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Hannah" and Sharon began the quest for the NADAC agility Championship- the NATCH- in May of 2005. "Anything worthwhile is worth working for" comes to mind when I read the message that these two accomplished both the NATCH AND the Versatility (agility) championship, the V-NATCH within one week of each other.

Sharon reported that the Chances points were the hardest to get, but she persevered and managed to get all 130 necessary points.

On the final run that completed the championship, Sharon reports that all of her friends were there to cheer her on. There is nothing like sharing an achievement.

Congratulations again.

Hannah is the daughter of Ch. Acadia Rock Solid, HT x Ch. Zion Acadia Town Heroine, CDX,PT,VCX and the litter sister of Ch. Acadia Another Story, UD, PT, NA, VCX. There were only two puppies in this litter- I would say it was a successful one!

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