Amy's 94th Birthday- and she is running Agility!

 Amy turned 94 today, and she ran Joy at an Agility trial to celebrate.   Twelve years ago my friend Pam called and said her 82 year old friend wanted a sheltie to train in obedience and agility.  Pam said that she would be the co-owner and take the dog should anything happen to Amy.  I sent her Quill, who became Acadia Aquilegia, UD, RE, MX, MXJ, MJB, MXP, MJP2, under Amy's guidance.   Last month, at age 12, Quill passed away.  So much for worrying about an 82 year old owner.

Five years ago Pam called me again and said that Amy wanted a "faster" dog- and did I have anything for her?  Quill was steady and consistent, but Amy wanted speed.  Since Pam was the one on the phone and not Amy, I know that I laughed.  Not a condescending laugh, but a "what a great request from an 89 year old women." sort of laugh.  I sent her Joy.  Amy worked her magic again and now Joy is Acadia Essence of Joy, UD, RE, AX, MXJ.  Joy only needs 1 more qualifying run for the MX.

Joy is fully trained and she and Amy are on "auto pilot" and Amy's only other dog is a retired Border Collie.  She is ready for a new training challenge.  Why not. I think the dogs, the mental challenge of training, the physical activity, the responsibility, keeps her young.  I will send her another sheltie and look forward to writing about Amazing Amy for years to come.

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