Fluffy and Gentle, and great listeners

It seems that many Acadia shelties enjoy children's reading programs.  LeaAnne takes Lucy to participate in the "Paws To Read" program in Maryland, while Lori takes Tryk and Cache to the "Paws To Read" program in Tucson, AZ.  Penny takes Tess to the "Read with Me" program in Chicago and Karen takes Allie to schools and libraries so children can practice reading.

Tryk and Levi

Shelties are such a great fit for these programs because they are not an intimidating breed.  Penny describes Tess as, "fluffy and gentle", which really is just a perfect combination for a reading partner.   LeaAnne said that Lucy is one of the smallest dogs in her program, and that makes her popular with the kids.  Karen says that Allie has a magnetic pull to all she meets.

I LOVE the fact that these owners share their dogs and allow the special gifts these dogs have to offer be bestowed upon others.

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