Yard Solutions for Muddy Dogs- my current solution

Since we moved- we have had to start from scratch when it comes to keeping the dogs (and our House!) clean.
To avoid this:
We have done some work.  1st decided where, and how much space we were going to allocate to the "dog yard".  In nice weather (and after the grass has grown back) they will be allowed to play in the entire area when we are home.  When the weather is not so nice, we wanted an area they would stay clean.  
We excavated 8", put down geotextile fabric, and put 8" (deep) of 2" (approx. diameter) stone for good drainage.
2" diameter stone base
Next we but down stable grid - a plastic interlocking system-
Stable grid showing the cells. Water drains, but stone stays in place
The grids interlock easily.
gravel base seen on the right.  Stable grid in the middle.  Pea gravel fill on left.

 Finally we filled that with pea gravel  The stable grid has open bottoms for drainage, but the plastic cells keep the gravel from migrating around the yard.  The non-porous materials keep the smells down.
Good drainage, no migrating stone, NO MUD!! 
Stones being put on top of stable grid

Done!  The plastic is a product call Kennel Deck and it is just something extra for them to stand on
The dogs have a shelter for bad weather, and a safe and clean yard.  Yes, they still come in the house.  One co-work asked me, "do your dogs know how spoiled they are?"  Of course not.  This is really for me and Mike so we don't have to mop our floors daily!  -- but the dogs love it too!

World of Animals, Inc  – (April 26, 2018 at 8:34:00 AM PDT)  

Your dogs are absolute beautiful! The shelter looks great and has a lot of room for them it looks like. Hope they enjoy it. great work!
World of Animals

Karen  – (May 16, 2018 at 8:01:00 PM PDT)  

I need this! Even with just 3 shelties there is mud on the white tile kitchen floor.

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