5 consecutive generations

The text is tough to read here on the blog. Saturday these will be on http://www.sheltiesonline.com/

Liza and Serena are the 6th consecutive generation of Acadia. Carrie is Anna's mother, who is Genna's mother, who is Dove's mother, who is the mother of both Cassia and Manny. Cassia is Liza's mother. Carrie's mother is a champion- and up to Genna we have 4 consecutive generations of Champion bitches. I am fairly certain that both Cassia and Liza will finish quickly- I need to work on Dove. She has 5 points, but she is not one to "ask for the win"- so she usually goes "reserve". If I can get that done, it would be 7 consecutive generations of Champion bitches- that is VERY impressive in shelties- so it is a good goal.

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