A fast trip to Chicago

This past Saturday I was in Chicago judging sweepstakes. I had a nice entry of 21 puppies. It was fun to go to another part of the country and see some of the dogs I will be seeing at the National. It gave me an opportunity to look at some of the competition.

I stayed with Merrylee and Chet- Nicky's owners. I got in late on Friday and left early on Sunday- not nearly enough time to socialize, but I did get to see a few important (to me) people. Ellen brought Leo to the show for me to see. Leo is Cassia's son and Liza's brother. I was surprised by how much he looks like Cassia. These puppies are 8 months old. It was really nice to see them both.

Penny was there competing in Utility with ShowLow. I was getting so excited because he was qualifing in each exercize- until the VERY LAST ONE!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't belive it!! ALMOST! Penny is a great trainer, I am sure they will accomplish this task- but he is getting older, so the pressure is on.

Merrylee had leased Josie for a litter. She bred Josie to Nicky. I brought her and her daughter home with me. I think I will write about my travel in another post. Traveling with a puppy is a lot of fun- and much more interesting than traveling alone. These pictures are of the puppy, Tiki.

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