Happy New Year 2013

Happy and Blessed New Year to all !  Our "first night" started with friends and puppies.  I have to giggle every time I think about the requests we make of our family and friends.  It sure is a good thing we have the BEST of both!   It seems to me that for the last couple of years we have had "holiday" puppies and I have been making some pretty big requests.  I have delivered puppies at my sister's house on Christmas Eve (a few years ago), brought puppies to my mother-in-law's house while we help sell Christmas trees, waited for puppies on Thanksgiving, and last night I called my friends and asked if I could bring our puppies to the New Year's Party.    The funniest part was that they expected the puppies to just be running loose in their house- and they STILL said YES!  How funny is that!  Even I would not have said yes, to that request.  Well, I bring puppies to enough different places to know how to pack for them.  I pack a tarp to put down 1st, then newspaper, then surround it with a portable x-pen, and the puppies are safe, and have a place to potty.  They travel in a crate. 
The hosts of this party have 3 dogs of their own, plus parrots.  When we arrived the birds were making a ton of noise. I thought, oh this is great!  My puppies never would have heard parrots.   When I first got them out of the crate, they all huddled together on the crate pad- but they acclimated quickly.  The next time they all huddled together was at mid-night when everyone was using their "noise makers".  Again, it was a short-term stress from which they recovered.
I was so happy that they got to travel, go to a new place, meet a ton of people, hear new things, and start the year off with a bunch of dog loving people.

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