Christmas Cards and updates

One thing I love about Christmas time is the cards with news from "the puppies". Every day I look forward to getting the mail. I like to hear from my friends and family, but the cards I look forward to the most are those that contain news from the families with the dogs.
I spent some time putting together a collage of the pictures that were sent, but I couldn't save it as a jpeg, only as a PDF, and blogspot won't accept PDF files. I guess I will be the only one who gets to enjoy my "Sheltie family collage". I will just include some of the fun news (and pictures that were sent as email attachments. Taylor- if you send a digital picture of Sara- I will post it). Most of the notes were much more detailed than this (and I love to read every bit of them), but I have just included bits and pieces.
"This is your 2008 update from Sara's family. She is just so smart she most probably could have written this note herself if the keyboard was a bit more dog user friendly :-) " - The McDuffee family.

-I find this really funny- MacDuff is the name of Sara's litter brother. MacDuff was named by his new owner before Sara went to live with the McDuffee family.
"Here are some photos of MacDuff taken today. He just had a bath. Some of the pictures are with his "bathrobe" still on.

He is very outgoing and loves our granddaughters (2 1/2 and 5). Whenever he sees children he wants to go be with them. People who meet him are often surprised at how outgoing he is. They expect a Sheltie to be somewhat retiring. His response to voice commands has improved substantially. We still keep him on a leash unless the area is fenced but when he occasionally escapes he will come upon command quite well.

His senses are extraordinary. His nose, eyes and hearing are all among the most keen we have ever noted in an animal. He can tell instantly upon going out the door whether there is a deer or a cat in the proximate area. We have never had a dog that immediately scans the trees for activity when he goes outside. " - The Loveless Family

Noreen used to call and ask me about Kelsey's eye sight. He also has an extraordinary sense of sight and scans the woods for any activity.

Kelsey has completed the Therapy Training and is now certified as a TDI.- From Noreen

"Jenna is such a great dog, we all love her very much!"- The Hartwell family

"Stevie is the sweetest, lovable dog. She is one of a kind!"- The Crosson family.

"It is so weird for me to be working with a dog that has no fear issues (thank you thank you thank you!!!). She is such a joy to work with."- Heidi

Heidi sent the CUTEST calendar of Piper. Piper is so photogenic and it is such fun to see all of the pretty, goofy, serious, pictures of her. Thank you Heidi.

"It just occurred to me that I should send you this photo; we used it on our Christmas card this year. I took it about a week after Lilly's first birthday. She is doing so well! Having her join our family was definitely the biggest highlight of our year."- The Law Family

"Snickers is doing well and is good company for me while everyone is gone."- Mr. Macri

Nat  – (December 27, 2008 at 6:17:00 AM PST)  

It must be great to hear from all of "the puppies!" Looking forward to seeing the photos. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


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