Hope's Great weekend- 8 Q's! and 3 new titles.

Acadia I Hope Ewe Can, NAC, NJC O-TN-O, TG-N, HP-N had a great weekend! Sharon reports that her friend Phyllis (who also has 2 Acadia shelties) took Hope to a NADAC agility trial this past weekend. Poor Sharon had to go to work- so Phyllis had the enjoyment of playing with the dogs. Well, they had a VERY successful weekend. Hope had 8!! Qualifying runs and finished her Regular title, her hoopers title, and her Outstanding Tunnelers title. That is a great weekend!

Sharon also owns Hannah (Acadia Paint the Town) who only needs 5 Qualifying scores in Chances for her NADAC agility championship (the NATCH). This is a huge accomplishment and I really look forward to reporting her continued successes.

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