Another Great weekend for Phyllis & lots of new agility titles

"We went to an agility trial in College Station, TX and it was Rumor's turn to shine. He qualified 7 times Rally wasn't too far behind as he qualified 5 times and is getting closer to his 2nd NATCH and 2nd Versatility NATCH.

Rumor completed his Novice Agility Cert. (NAC), Novice Chances Cert. (NCC), and Novice Jumpers Cert. (NJC) this weekend. This is added to his Outstanding Novice Tunnelers (O-TN-N) and Novice Hoopers (HP-N). Rumor is doing awesome weaves now got his first Q in Novice Weavers.

Both boys would qualify more if my brain worked as fast as their feet. Also, if Rumor would bark and jump up and down less, we could make our way through the course better. No dog enjoys agility more than Rumor." - Phyllis

Rally is NATCH/V-NATCH Acadia Rally Round The Flag. He is a Payson x Valerie son. Rally is the one pictured in this post.

Rumor is Acadia Rumor Has It *NAC*, *NCC*, *NJC*, O-TN-N, HP-N the * indicates new titles earned. Rumor is a son of Ch. Apple Acres Expedition, ROM x Valerie

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